SAS Taiwan Data Science Seminar in Tamkang University


SAS, the world-renowned leader in analytics software and solutions, recently visited Tamkang University to share the groundbreaking applications of data science in finance and biomedical industries with the students. Consultant Shu-Wei shared his knowledge and experience in digital banking, Customer Relationship Management, and various SAS solutions for Anti-Money Laundering, Fraud Detection, and IFRS17.

Medical Sales Representative Aaron introduced the impressive SAS applications in medical research, hospital reports, and clinical experiments, as well as the innovative Artificial Intelligence prediction system jointly developed by Taipei Veterans General Hospital and SAS. With this cutting-edge system, doctors can now quickly identify beds that are likely to become emergencies through color alerts and "know the unknown" through data to help patients. Aaron encouraged students to find their passion and strive to make a difference in their career.

Jian-Chen, a Tamkang University alumnus, shared his own experience with SAS and emphasized the importance of continuing to reflect and adjust in the workplace to become independent and professional talents. He reminded students that managers focus on their problem-solving abilities, not just the tools they know how to use. Jian-Chen also provided valuable advice to job seekers, encouraging them to take advantage of opportunities to acquire certificates and apply for internships.

The students were amazed by the visualization reports of SAS and how they can help medical staff make more informed decisions. They expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to expand their horizons and gain a deeper understanding of the impact of SAS in their daily lives. The event served as a reminder that "Let data speak" is not just an empty slogan but a real-life phenomenon. With data science already ubiquitous, students interested in learning SAS are encouraged to refer to the following resources for more information as following



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