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El impacto de las mujeres y del STEM en el desarrollo de los negocios

A nivel mundial, la matrícula de mujeres en áreas como Tecnología de la Información y Comunicaciones (TIC) es particularmente baja, con un tres por ciento, al igual que en otras como Ciencias Naturales, Matemáticas y Estadística, con un cinco por ciento, e Ingeniería, Manufactura y Construcción, con un 8 por ciento. En

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College-bound students with visual impairments learn to independently analyze data

This summer the Accessibility and Applied Assistive Technology team at SAS launched a new course that teaches students with visual impairments how to independently analyze data, which is a critical skill that all students need for success in college and their careers. However, many students with visual impairments don’t have

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Former US Chief Technology Officer encourages STEM diversity

Former U.S. Chief Technology officer Megan Smith stressed the importance of continued investments in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in her keynote address at SAS Analytics Experience, sharing a quote from George Washington. In his first address to Congress, in 1790, Washington said, “There is nothing which can better

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Get Students Outdoors and Learning!

Winter is over, and it’s time to soak in the sunshine vitamin. Many activities usually done in the classroom can be modified and conducted outdoors. The benefits of outdoor learning are well documented. Research shows exposure to the natural world is important to children’s social, psychological, intellectual, and physical health. Equally

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