Natalie Mendes

Natalie Mendes born and raised in Melbourne, intended on a TV and entertainment career to host music programs. She grew up with a passion for 80’s British pop, Motown dancing and Statistics. Switching from an Arts degree to an Applied Statistics and Computer Science degree specializing in Psychology, her life took a different direction towards football statistics, fire risk modelling, credit risk and more recently earning a title of CEOA – Chief Excitement Officer for Analytics. She heads up the Analytics capabilities for SAS Australia / New Zealand and sits on the industry advisory board for Latrobe University as she has a passion to help new graduates thrive in this discipline. She is an enthusiastic evangelist for the application of analytics and is motivated about using this to interrupt the digital disruption.

Internet of Things
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The analytics of things ... and sports

Who cares about sports and data? Not just athletes, coaches and fans. It turns out that many companies outside of sporting organisations are also associated with the sports industry.  For example, financial services organisations are actively involved in sports sponsorships. Retailers sell fan merchandise. Telcos build social engagement strategies around