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Considering fraud-fighting with machine learning and artificial intelligence?

Any look back at analytics in 2017 makes it clear that machine learning and artificial intelligence appear to be the ‘next big things’ that can solve just about any problem, from writing new hit songs to curing disease. Not one to buy into the hype, I became curious as to

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Combat wire fraud with analytics

As the banking industry continues to combat increasing fraud challenges, payment fraud is growing exponentially. This growth stems from a shifting payment landscape with new and varied payment options. Globally, governments are introducing new initiatives like faster payments and real-time payments which compress turnaround times. These initiatives are altering the

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Capital flight facilitators: Tracking terrorist financing

I wish this were a blog about a new super-affordable airline, but instead capital flight is the illegal movement of money from its country of origin, transit or destination. This movement of money through facilitators is creating a hyper-breed of criminal enterprise using the regulations of the world’s financial systems

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How companies can succeed in an analytics economy

Artificial intelligence. Big data. Cognitive computing. These buzzwords are the ABCs of today’s marketplace. In a recent interview at SAS® Global Forum, I discussed the unprecedented pace of change that we’re seeing in the market. It’s creating what I like to call an analytics economy. In this economy, analytics –

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EU-Umsatzsteuerkarusselle ergaunern Milliarden – moderne Analytik bringt sie zum Stillstand

Umsatzsteuerkarusselle drehen auf dem Jahrmarkt der Straftaten tagtäglich fröhlich ihre Runden. Sie sind bei einer cleveren Spezies von Kriminellen ein beliebter Klassiker, der sich wie ein geldgieriger Virus immer wieder einnistet, wenn nichts dagegen unternommen wird. Dabei werden jährliche viele Milliarden Euro auf betrügerische Konten geschaufelt. Die Basis: Handel mit

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Aus Schaden klug werden: Wie man auf Konferenzen von Betrugsfällen lernt

Konferenzen rund um die Betrugserkennung mit Analytics sind eine wichtige Informationsquelle im unaufhörlichen Kampf gegen Kriminalität – für unsere Kunden, für unsere Wettbewerber, für uns selbst. Auch heute noch ist es ein Tabu einzugestehen, dass man Opfer eines Betruges wurde, und kaum ein Unternehmen spricht offen darüber. Denn absolut niemand

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What can agencies learn from massive Medicaid fraud busts?

On June 22nd, the U.S. Department of Justice announced the largest Medicaid fraud bust in history. The National Health Care Fraud Takedown included 301 defendants charged, $900 million in false billings, 61 medical professionals and 29 doctors, across 36 states. In another case, investigators in New York uncovered more than

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From fraud detection to fraud prevention: working towards optimal audits

Currently, most fraud detection solutions for financial crime and tax fraud are focused on risk assessing entities. That is to say, they evaluate the risk of each individual or businesses separately. While this helps prioritize risk-based investigations by alerting investigators to the likelihood of fraud, it does not necessarily maximize deterrence.

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„Fraudsters love digital“

Wer glaubt, die Digitalisierung hätte dem Thema Versicherungsbetrug den Garaus gemacht, der irrt – gewaltig. Nach wie vor ist einer von zehn gemeldeten Schäden und Ansprüchen erfunden oder manipuliert. Der Schaden: mindestens 4 Milliarden Euro allein in Deutschland – und das nur bei Sachversicherungen, also ohne Lebens- oder Krankenversicherungen. Den

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Insurers beware: Fraudsters love digital!

Insurers are embracing digital to meet the demands of modern consumers. And, of course, there are obvious benefits to them from less costly, more streamlined interactions with their customers. The trouble is that digitisation comes with a major health warning: Unless insurers put suitable measures in place, they're at risk

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Why Excel isn’t the solution for health care fraud, waste and abuse investigations

To prepare for the data challenges of 2015 and beyond, health care fraud, waste and abuse investigative units (government funded and commercial insurance plans, alike) need a data management infrastructure that provides access to data across programs, products and channels. This goes well beyond sorting and filtering small sets of