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Inteligencia artificial, ¿qué quiere que haga por su empresa?

La medida en que las organizaciones se beneficien de la Inteligencia Artificial, machine learning y la analítica dependerá de sus necesidades y la aplicación que puedan tener para hacerlas más rentables, ágiles y competitivas. La inteligencia artificial (IA) ha estado presente en nuestras vidas más tiempo del que creemos. Está

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The Analytics Culture Clash

Today, data and analytics are at the core of the work of most organisations. They are embedded in business processes and customer interactions alike. But in getting to this point, there has been a struggle between two different cultures within these organisations — between two groups from different backgrounds with

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Gastinterview mit adesso AG Marius Gödtel " Versicherer brauchen schnelle Reportings "

Unser Interviewpartner Marius Gödtel ist Leiter des Competence Centers Business Intelligence IT-Consulting  bei der adesso AG, einem IT-Dienstleister im BI-Umfeld. Marius Gödtel ist ehemaliger Geschäftsführer der flitcon GmbH, die seit 01. Juli 2016 Teil der adesso AG ist. Herr Gödtel, wie präsentieren Sie die adesso AG auf dem SAS Forum in

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The cost of modernization

Unless you live in England, you may not have seen the recent announcement that Buckingham Palace is to undergo a 10-year refurbishment costing the British taxpayer £369M. Even with the post-Brexit devaluation of Sterling, that’s still a sizable spend representing nearly US$500 million. The Queen will remain in residence during

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Digital transformation = increased expectations for media & entertainment

Consumers want content 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all around the world. It's a tall order for media & entertainment (M&E) companies and a 180 degree shift from days past. How do they provide enough content to meet demand? Audiences are binge watching over-the-top (OTT) programming, creating

Internet of Things
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Ahead of the IoT curve?

Opportunity is missed by most people, because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. I believe this quote by Thomas A. Edison captures the last few months very well. Over the summer, the EMEA team has explored the maturity of IoT amongst major European companies. Here in this

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El futuro de la analítica está en manos del científico de datos

Analistas y expertos en Big Data de todo el mundo coinciden en la importancia de potenciar el capital humano y desarrollar profesionales más preparados. Cada persona tiene aptitudes para realizar diversas actividades como natación, equitación, tenis o, incluso, destacar en el ámbito profesional ofreciendo mejores resultados en tareas determinadas. Ahora

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Den moderna analysfabriken

I min första bloggtext nämndes tre sätt att gå tillväga för ett effektivare och mer värdeskapande analysarbete i en organisation. I detta inlägg kommer jag att gå djupare in på begreppet Analysfabrik och reflektera kring vad det är i en era av Big Data Analytics-hausse. Analysfabriken Min spaning kring att

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Patientrapporterede oplysninger (PRO) – er vi ambitiøse nok?

I den nyligt offentliggjorte aftale om regionernes økonomi for 2016 , er det aftalt, at sygehusene inden udgangen af 2019 skal udvikle redskaber ”der understøtter fælles beslutningstagen, kompetenceudvikling og systematisk anvendelse af patientrapporterede oplysninger (PRO) for tre patientgrupper…”. Men hvorfor vente helt til 2019 med at lave systematisk anvendelse af

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Big Model: The necessary complement to big data

With all the hype over big data we often overlook the importance of modeling as its necessary counterpart. There are two independent limiting factors when it comes to decision support: the quality of the data, and the quality of the model. Most of the big data hype assumes that the data

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