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Advanced Analytics | Fraud & Security Intelligence
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La analítica como solución para el fraude financiero

La analítica de datos es conocida porque permite detectar patrones y comportamientos para predecir situaciones. Gracias a ella, las instituciones tienen la capacidad de anticiparse a las necesidades de los ciudadanos y poder tomar decisiones. Otra de las aplicaciones que tiene para, por ejemplo, las marcas, es poder recomendar productos

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Banking Summit 2021 reúne instituições bancárias em painel sobre inteligência de dados para o setor financeiro

No painel “Desafios e oportunidades da inteligência de dados para o setor financeiro”, Henrique Seije, diretor-executivo de risco de crédito do BTG Pactual, Devanyr Aquino, head de Analytics do Next, e Lee Waisler, superintendente-executivo de prevenção a fraudes do Banco Santander discutiram sobre o futuro do mercado bancário e como passar pelas dificuldades da melhor forma tendo os dados como aliado. Para abrir o debate, os convidados falaram sobre como garantir a melhor experiência do

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Banking Summit 2021 traz conceito e impactos do Open Banking na sociedade em painel com executivos da área de tecnologia

No painel “Open Banking: A nova era do mercado financeiro”, tivemos a participação de Alex Kwiatkowski, Advisory Industry Consultant de Práticas bancárias global do SAS; Carlos Sovegni, Diretor de Fraude & Security Intelligence do SAS para EMEA, e Sundeep Tengur, Senior Business Solution Manager – Fraude e crimes financeiros do SAS, com a moderação de Angelica Mari, jornalista e comentarista especializada em tecnologia e inovação, para discutir sobre os conceitos do Open Banking e como isso está impactando o mercado financeiro

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Fighting fraudsters

You might assume that a battle-tested businessman with a gruff exterior and a taste for salty language lacks an inner child, but you’d be wrong. Exhibit A is this little-known fact: I have a soft spot for animated Disney movies. Now, I could try to bluff a bit and say

Data Management
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Hadoop: the game-changer in banking

At most banks, data is stored in separate databases and data warehouses. Customer data is stored in marketing databases, fraud analyses are done on transactional data, and risk data is stored in risk data warehouses. Oftentimes even liquidity, credit, market, and operational risk data is stored separately as well. Bringing

In a small (and uncertain) world

The start of the year seems to have been full of uncertainty for European financial markets. This seems to apply to everything from Greek debt to bankers’ bonuses and, despite access to so much information about what is happening globally, it remains difficult to understand what is certain fact and

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Emerging trends in fraud

One of the hottest topics on today's agenda for financial institutions is FFIEC's recently released guidance supplement calling for layered fraud secuity and authentication. So, during the recent Terrorism Financing and Money Laundering Forum in Cary, North Carolina, a panel discussion on fraud was developed to discuss emerging trends in fraud -

Customer Intelligence
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Everything old CAN be new again!

The first-annual SPARK! Financial Services Executive Summit used an unexpected approach to collaboration to generate unconventional ideas about the future of financial services. The ideas came from enthusiastic and engaged senior executives from across the financial services industry who are all committed to improving the industry’s image in the eyes

Sustainable banking - The social dimension

We live in a world of digital communications, where social media provides the global population with the opportunity to come together like never before. This has brought a whole new dimension to consumer interaction. It provides instant channels for information exchange, experience and opinion sharing. Social media and multichannel digital

Customer Intelligence
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Banks: Bringing back the hometown feel

I’m attending a Bank Administration Institute (BAI) event in Las Vegas this week. BAI is well-respected for its research, professional development and networking opportunities for banks and banking professionals. The conference, BAI Retail Delivery, is primarily attended by community banks and large regionals, but the topics are anything but colloquial.

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