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Can demand planning save your supply chain? Find out with this free trial

The past 20 months of disruptions caused by COVID-19 have been a wake-up call for retailers and consumer goods companies. Unpredictable market trends have caused havoc with categories, brands and products making it harder to predict supply requirements. All of these changes have given rise to the need for consumption

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Analítica, nube e inteligencia artificial, tres de las tecnologías en las que más invertirán las empresas en el 2022

La acelerada digitalización de los servicios y el cambio definitivo en el comportamiento de los clientes son algunas de las razones que llevarán a las empresas a aumentar sus inversiones en tecnología en el 2022. Aunque la tecnología no lo es todo en los procesos de transformación digital, sí es

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Cinco maneras en que la toma de decisiones inteligentes puede ayudar a reducir los costos empresariales

Que alce la mano el líder, la empresa o la organización que no esté presionado en estos momentos por reducir sus gastos y costos de operación. Hemos hablado en varias oportunidades del impacto y el alcance que tiene la alianza establecida por SAS y Microsoft para llevar la analítica a

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What does it take to become an analytics-driven demand planning organization?

The social and economic impact of COVID-19 has dramatically affected supply chains and demand planning across all industries. Then there’s the Amazon effect, which has led to sky-high consumer expectations of the ordering and delivery process. Demand planners for retailers and consumer goods companies have quickly realized they have no

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La nube potenciada con analítica: la manera más inteligente de impulsar la innovación empresarial

La nube potenciada con analítica, la propuesta de tecnología aplicada a los negocios que SAS y Microsoft han venido desarrollando de manera conjunta desde el 2020, tiene el potencial de convertirse en una de las soluciones empresariales más importantes de los últimos años y catalizador de los nuevos niveles de

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Has your company considered a managed application service for demand planning?

The need for agile, accurate demand planning has never been greater. When considering migrating your demand management application to a cloud-native solution, you might experience platform management challenges ranging from lacking the resources needed to oversee application operations, to manipulating maintenance tasks that may distract from growing the business. Why

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Analyzing movement and tracking data using SAS Visual Analytics

Technological advancements in connectivity and global positioning systems (GPS) have led to increased data tracking and related business use cases to analyze such movements. Whether analyzing a vehicle, an animal or a population's movements - each use case requires analyzing underlying spatial information. Global challenges such as virus outbreaks, deforestation

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Beyond Distributed Control Systems and Historians: The True Power of Analytics for the Process Manufacturer

Plant control is key for manufacturers to run their operations. Since the advent of computers, process industries have witnessed the impact of new technologies in terms of safety, stability and resiliency. Here is a five-decade overview of those technologies: 1950s: Electromechanical systems set the basis of modern process control by

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Is your demand management process stuck in the 1990s?

Demand management concepts are now over 30 years old. The first use of the term "demand management" surfaced in the commercial sector in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Before that, the focus was on a more siloed approach to demand forecasting and planning that was manual and used simple

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Resiliencia, la fortaleza de la cadena de suministro del futuro

A lo largo de 2020, las cadenas de suministro estuvieron bajo gran estrés. La pandemia y los altibajos del entorno económico hicieron que las empresas enfrentaran complicados desafíos para seguir produciendo y satisfacer los nuevos patrones de demanda. Si bien privó la incertidumbre, también fue una oportunidad para que las

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Avoiding the digital transformation technology trap

In a world increasingly characterized by digital economies and disruption, every market disturbance exponentially widens the business agility gap between the less digitally evolved and those companies that have demonstrated innovation leadership through digital transformation. For those that are not transforming with urgency, the negative consequences will become compounded to

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An analytics how-to for small and midsize manufacturers

Small and midsize (SMB) manufacturers are critical drivers of innovation and productivity, and agility often gives them a competitive advantage over larger organizations. But they have unique challenges compared to larger manufacturers who have the resources and capital to achieve greater economies of scale. To take advantage of their agility,

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제조 산업을 위한 성공적인 디지털 트랜스포메이션 전략

성공을 위한 3가지 필수 요소 시장조사기관인 IDC는 올해, 제조 분야에서 디지털 트랜스포메이션에 가장 많은 투자가 이뤄질 것으로 전망합니다. 구체적으로 디스크리트 제조 2,250억 달러, 프로세스 제조 1,250억 달러, 총 3500달러의 투자를 예상합니다. 디지털 트랜스포메이션을 성공적으로 수행하기 위해서는 3가지 요소가 필요합니다. ▶첫째, 사람. 모든 혁신의 주체는 사람입니다. 사람의 능력, 조직구조, 문화가 상당히

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Are manufacturers missing out? Digital transformation reaps real benefits!

Digitally mature manufacturers outperform their non-digital peers — they generate more revenue and profit, and will out-compete non-digital companies. This is a bold statement, but it was a clear outcome of recent IDC Worldwide Manufacturing Insights research, which compared the profitability and revenue of digitally mature manufacturers to their non-digital

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Transformation numérique : les nouveaux challenges de l’industrie

La transformation numérique est devenue un facteur déterminant de compétitivité pour les industriels. Elle leur permet de gagner en flexibilité, agilité et adaptabilité et ainsi de devenir des entreprises plus résilientes, capables de résister aux incertitudes et crises qui secouent leur marché. Pour assurer son avenir, l’industrie doit savoir tirer

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SAS and C.H. Robinson are rewriting the rules of transportation planning and management

What if you had a technology solution that creates a real-time link between the customer demand signal and what's happening on the ground? What if plans that are being steered centrally could  finally be connected to every shipping lane, while simultaneously, creating cost saving carrier adjustments? The first-of-its kind integration

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