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Work & Life at SAS
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PRIDE Everywhere

  June is PRIDE month. Even before I joined the leadership team for the SAS PRIDE Employee Inclusion Group, I always used my Work/Life blog in June to write about LGBTQ youth and how we can support them. This year I struggle to find words that are adequate to educate,

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La analítica y la reimaginación del mundo: lo que veremos en el Virtual SAS Global Forum 2020 #SASGF

El año pasado hablábamos de las descomunales capacidades de cómputo y de cómo las organizaciones y los gobiernos podían transformar todos estos datos en mayor inteligencia de negocios. Este año, el mundo ha cambiado para todos y la analítica avanzada; la toma de decisiones basada en la proyección de escenarios;

Work & Life at SAS
In Response to Recent Events: A message from the Work/Life Center

A message from the Work/Life Center: It is not surprising that the SAS community is deeply moved and troubled by the recent examples of racism that reflect larger systemic problems in our nation. Work/Life wants to respond to your requests for ideas about supporting colleagues and taking action in your community. We understand the urge to act and will provide suggestions in our

Advanced Analytics | Machine Learning
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Monotonic Constraints with SAS

A monotonic relationship exists when a model’s output increases or stays constant in step with an increase in your model’s inputs. Relationships can be monotonically increasing or decreasing with the distinction based on which direction the input and output travel. A common example is in credit risk where you would expect someone’s risk score to increase with the amount of debt they have relative to their income.

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