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3 ways analytics can improve vaccine distribution and administration

The management of the COVID-19 vaccination program is one of the most complex tasks in modern history.  Even without the added complications of administering the vaccine during a pandemic, the race to vaccinate the populations who need it most all while maintaining the necessary cold-storage protocols, meeting double dose requirements,

2021년 주목해야 할 데이터 분석 8대 키워드

지난해는 전례없는 코로나19 대유행으로 전 세계의 각국 정부 및 기업은 코로나19로 인한 위기를 극복하고자 디지털 트랜스포메이션을 통한 혁신을 가속화한 한 해였습니다. 불확실성 속에 찾아온 2021년, SAS의 여러 전문가들은 2021년 데이터 분석 트렌드를 인공지능(AI), 클라우드, 백신 등의 키워드를 통해 전망했습니다. 2021년 주목해야 할 데이터 분석 8가지 트렌드를 소개합니다. 기업의 임원들이 AI를

SAS, Boemska 인수 및 새로운 CTO 임명

SAS가 클라우드 시장 및 타사 애플리케이션 등에 AI 접목을 촉진하기 위해 로우코드/노코드 애플리케이션 배포 및 분석 워크로드 관리 전문 영국 비상장 회사 보엠스카(Boemska)사를 인수했습니다. SAS는 이번 인수로 획득한 기술을 SAS Viya에 적용해 고객의 클라우드 분석 관련 비용을 절감하고, 모델을 모바일 및 엔터프라이즈 앱 등에 이식할 수 있게 될 예정입니다. 이를

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How do you adapt your insurance pricing strategy in the face of increased price competition?

Many countries in Europe have in previous years experienced increased price competition for general insurance products. Especially in Southern Europe, the competition has been very fierce, fueled by online price comparison websites. In Spain, Portugal and Greece, there has been a substantial drop in average premiums for products like motor,

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Preview of Foresight (Winter 2021)

Through the M4 and M5 competitions, we've seen the promising performance of machine learning approaches in generating forecasts. The SAS whitepaper "Assisted Demand Planning Using Machine Learning for CPG and Retail" describes a role for ML in augmenting the demand planning by guiding the review and override of statistical forecasts.

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Pandemic Done List

Last week I read an article that suggested writing a “done” list at the end of each day before identifying the 2-3 priority “to do” items for tomorrow.  Ok, I’ll bite.  Over the last several months I have been trying all sorts of organization and efficiency habits, so I decided

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Top 8 ways SAS used data for good in 2020

From mental health to biodiversity, SAS is committed to using data for social innovation, committing our resources, analytics expertise and software to tackle global issues. It's a vital undertaking, and we can't do it alone -- strategic partnerships are key to these efforts. Here's a quick overview of our top

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