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Rick Wicklin 0
Simulate data from a logistic regression model: How the intercept parameter affects the probability of the event

This article shows that you can use the intercept parameter to control the probability of the event in a simulation study that involves a binary logistic regression model. For simplicity, I will simulate data from a logistic regression model that involves only one explanatory variable, but the main idea applies

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2023 SAS 機器學習國際認證校園班 參與課程步驟

感謝您報名,敬請完成以下步驟以開始觀看課程 註冊SAS Profile 請此網頁 點選 Create Profile,使用 學校email 建立SAS Profile 完成建立 SAS 個人認證帳戶後,您的信箱會收到一封啟動信件通知。請點選”Activate your SAS Profile” 設定您的個人密碼後請寄信至 告知您的註冊信箱& 已完成SAS Profile註冊 待SAS人員通知後,您可以至 登入您的SAS Profile觀看課程影片   啟用 AI 環境 登入啟用練習環境: 點選同意後submit 點選 SAS Viya for learner (如無此步驟可省略) 點選 Lauch SAS Viya for learner 進入環境 未來若需使用可以進入此網頁直接登入環境:

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6 reasons why hiring early-career talent may be a strategy to explore

Determining the “right” talent strategy for an organization isn’t easy. Diverse projects and priorities demand various levels of knowledge, skills and experiences to achieve the end goal. Talent planning requires assessing current employees and unearthing the gaps to identify what’s needed to meet business demands. Specific and extensive knowledge and

Mike Turner 0
Knowing your customer: how the telecoms industry can weather a squeeze on consumer spending

With the cost-of-living crisis continuing and the UK now in a recession, industries have to acclimatise to shifting market trends and consumer behaviour to maintain revenue and hit sales targets. The telecommunications industry is susceptible to consumers’ different priorities in times of economic hardship - many consumers will stick with

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José Mutis O. 0
Economías con mayor cultura analítica y apropiación de IA son las que más crecen en Latam

Está sucediendo en casi todas las regiones del mundo, y Latinoamérica no es la excepción: las economías que tienen una mayor cultura analítica y de adopción de inteligencia artificial son las que más están logrando crecer en la actualidad. Al comparar reportes de crecimiento de países del Fondo Monetario Internacional

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