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Versicherungen: Modernisierung mit Analytics

Versicherungen stehen massiv unter Druck. Negative Zinsen und ein hoher regulatorischer Druck führen auch nicht gerade zu Euphorie (versicherungswirtschaft-heute.de). Die Branche klagt, all das sei operativ gar nicht zu schaffen. Was tun? Niedrigzinsumfeld ändern? Geht nicht. Regulatorik beeinflussen? Geht nur partiell. Also bleibt nur, an Effizienz und Automatisierung von Prozessen

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Damit Betrüger keinen Fuß in die Unternehmenstür bekommen!

Formulare sind fester Bestandteil unseres Alltags. Bereits bei der Geburt werden wir datums-, geschlechts-, gewichts- und größentechnisch erfasst – sei es auf Papier oder elektronisch. Und das zieht sich durch unser ganzes weiteres Leben. Für unsere Kinder müssen wir Formulare zur Aufnahme im Kindergarten, in der Grundschule oder in der

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All quiet on the Barnett Front

The Barnett Shale in North Texas hit a historic mark on April 25: Its rig count fell to zero. Two hundred rigs once harvested the 40 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in this massive basin, stretching beneath 17 Texas counties. Today, nothing. This dramatic silence in North America’s second-largest

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What About Risk Control?

20 years ago, risk was controlled by small departments in the banks. As authorities felt they were held hostage by the systemic importance of banks, they introduced requirements to banks to become more solvent. In order to get the behavior of banks under control, many types of reports were also

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Five Keys to Successful Stress Testing

Stress testing is not new to the risk world but has been a major focus since the GFC (Global Financial Crisis). For a number of years now, stress testing has helped analytical specialists quantify various aspects of potential loss. What is new is the introduction of regulatory stress tests which

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Twenty-four extra-large bunny suits

I worked at the General Dynamics (now Lockheed-Martin) F-16 jet fighter plant in Fort Worth, Texas, during the mid-1980’s, where they subsequently manufactured the F-22 and now the F-35. My tenure there spanned the era of the $400 hammer and $700 toilet seat scandals in the military procurement world. While

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The skeptical CFO

During a recent presentation on performance management I had an audience member ask me if perhaps I had minored in cynicism along with my degree in finance.  I replied that, with the science, psychology and philosophy I’d taken, I probably had minored in skepticism, but that the cynicism came later,

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Risk & fragility: Subjective, risk is

I asked a Nuclear Engineering Professor friend of mine, after the Fukushima power plant disaster of March 2011, whether that incident would have a positive or a negative impact on his industry. His response was that it would have a short-term positive impact as a result of publicity generating a

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Conversational analytics

When you begin your career your most important skills are your hard, technical skills; the finance and accounting, the statistics and economics, the physics and chemistry, the engineering and calculus.  But as I tell my business school mentees, as your career progresses, the emphasis changes such that much sooner than

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