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La ciberseguridad, otro de los retos que nos plantea el COVID-19: 10 pautas de higiene digital para ser ciberseguros

Vivimos en la era de la hiperconectividad, nos comunicamos con el mundo en un entorno cada vez más digital. Y, precisamente, una de las principales consecuencias del COVID-19, al margen de las sanitarias y las socioeconómicas, ha sido una significativa aceleración de la digitalización tanto a nivel individual como empresarial.

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Promise and uncertainty in the ISO marketplace: Four things you should know

Operators of transmission networks and wholesale electric markets – ISOs (Independent System Operator) and RTOs (Regional Transmission Organizations) – have undergone sweeping changes in recent years, and the pace won’t be letting up anytime soon. With opportunities ranging from the growth of renewables to newly data-rich operating environments, and challenges

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It’s the Internet of connected life at Mobile World Congress

The Internet of Things is coming fast and furious. We clearly know what these “things” are, and were able to see prototypes at last week’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) which hosted some 93,000 attendees. Things = connected life = cars, homes (thermostats, washer and dryers, vacuum cleaners, security systems, refrigerators, etc.),

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No happy holiday for hackers: Five steps retailers must take to beef up cybersecurity

2014 was a rude wakeup call for retailers: In January, Target announced an additional 70 million individuals’ contact information was taken during the December 2013 breach. In September, Home Depot announced that cyber criminals had compromised the credit card information of roughly 56 million shoppers. Neiman Marcus, Kmart, AT&T, Michaels

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