Anjelica Cummings
Associate Brand Director

Anjelica is a senior communications specialist for SAS specializing in internal communications where she lends guidance to SAS Worldwide Marketing and SAS' Customer Engagement & Support division. From strategic planning to messaging, Anjelica ensures internal objectives are being met and employees remain informed and engaged. Prior to SAS, Anjelica worked for MMI Public Relations, where she served as strategic counsel for brands within the hospitality, technology and health care sectors.

SAS Events
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What’s your big data problem?

Analytics Experience 2016 featured more than 100 breakout sessions and talks covering numerous topics in big data. You can watch many of those talks from our Analytics Experience 2016 video portal, where select keynote and session talks are archived. To give you a taste of the content you'll find there, here’s a

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Sleep: Your legal performance enhancer

Our society lives under a collective delusion that burning out is a requirement to success. We’ve been conditioned to believe that sacrificing family, relationships and what’s personally important opens the door to achievement. But how can you be an effective leader, run a successful company or properly manage employees when

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The cure for cancer lies in our apps

Every new piece of technology today can be rooted back to the creation of the iPhone, and it’s what David Pogue, Author, Host of NOVA ScienceNow and Yahoo Tech Columnist, calls the singular invention that caused the greatest gap between generations. While its touchscreen, audio, video, Wi-Fi, GPS, wireless antenna