SAS has never been able to sit idle and watch from the sidelines as crises ensue. Why? Because we know that good can be made possible if data is put to work. SAS Global Forum opening session spotlighted four real-life examples of how SAS is showing up and improving the world around us.

Opioid Epidemic: Advisory Product Manager Jonathan Wexler brought SAS® software to life for attendees in a demo using SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning to tackle one of the toughest crises America has faced in its history – the opioid epidemic.

WildTrack:  Can artificial intelligence be as insightful as the indigenous trackers who've analyzed animal footprints for thousands of years? Likely so. Brand Director Susan Ellis shared how SAS is using data to protect biodiversity and redefine what animal conservation.

DBSSingapore’s largest bank is making significant strides with analytics. SAS Best Practices Vice President Jill Dyché, interviewed DBS’ Chief Analytics Officer and explored how the bank is capturing the power of analytics with SAS.

Global Goalscast: There's too much bad news circulating in our media and not enough work being done to shed light on the beauty that's happening all around us. Claudia Roma Edelman, the host of the Global Goalscast,explained how this new podcast series will allow listeners to explore the issues of the world from a different lens.


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Anjelica Cummings

Manager, Social Innovation Programs, Partnerships and Communications

Anjelica Cummings manages SAS' Social Innovation programs, partnerships and communications strategy. She is responsible for leading a senior team of experts who bring SAS' analytics and advocacy efforts together. The Social Innovation programs and partnerships apply SAS® technology toward the world's most pressing needs. Anjelica brings a decade of communications experiences to her role. Over the years she has developed, led and implemented strategic communications programs for dozens of national organizations. Whether it's a strategy designed for the media, customers, partners, employees or the community, Anjelica believes the fundamentals of communications remain the same: To bring greater understanding, visibility and connection to the issues that matter most. She is a guest lecturer for North Carolina State University and a former board member of the International Association of Business Communicators.

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