What happens when your career is driven by significance over success


Is your life philosophy putting you on the path to success? Vice President for US Government, Grant Brooks’ philosophy is doing just that. It guides every facet of his life.

Focusing on significance will lead to success

“For as long as I can remember, I have carried this deeply held belief to live a life that’s significant rather than striving to be successful,” said Grant. “If you are working to be significant and doing things in the right way, you will be successful – maybe not by the world’s standards but you will be truly successful.”

Grant is in good company here at SAS. He is fortunate enough to work alongside a US Government team that is not just wholeheartedly committed to living a life of purpose and significance, but is also on a mission to help our customers live their best lives, too.

Grant and the team are passionate about looking for and working on the most significant projects, partnerships and problems in North Carolina state government to find solutions that will transform our lives and secure our future.

By partnering alongside our customers, US Government is helping to transform public policy, state government, the United States and the world. By putting analytics into action, the team is helping SAS’ state government customers provide better infrastructure, serve and protect the most at-risk people in our communities, educate future generations and better steward tax dollars to bring the public’s hopes and dreams to life.

“We look for the things that are hairy and ugly and hard,” said Grant. “If we are working on those things and we are doing it in the right way, success will come. The rest will take care of itself.”

Grant has held a deep and fervent love for history, government and policy making since he stepped foot into his very first social studies class. But he never imagined he could bring that passion to a technology company like SAS.

Responsible corporate citizenship rests at the heart of SAS

But we aren't a traditional technology company. Our belief in being responsible corporate citizens isn’t just words on a page. We live it – every day.

With a passion for people thrumming in his chest, Grant found a perfect partner in SAS. Using data to build a bigger, better world lies at the very heart of what we do, too. We share an innate passion and desire to make significant and lasting impacts on our world. SAS customers can feel that authenticity.

Customers understand our commitment and passion for connecting analytics and advocacy. Our desire is to create better, more purposeful and lasting things. Our customers don’t just see our mission in the things we create; they can feel it.

“It is inspiring to work for a company that cares enough to want to secure the future,” said Grant. “I get to come to work for a company that puts a high premium on its employees being passionate. I can bring my passion to my professional career consistently, and the two can fuel and feed off one another."

"I really knew SAS was a company that had a heart for the world. At its core, this company's values run deep - they're so authentic and legitimate - that it's just pervasive. It's something that you can feel. That you can see. " - Grant Brooks

Make a significant impact from wherever you are to improve the lives of others

All of our employees might not spend their days finding new ways to use analytics to improve state government – and that’s okay. Some employees might not touch our software at all, or they may not be in a role where they get to engage face-to-face with our customers – and that’s fine, too. But whatever the role, all of our employees help imagine and create a better world through innovation.

How are you using your passions and your curiosities to transform the world around us?


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