Empowering more women to go into STEM

Jess Mayo, Associate Test Engineer

SAS is a place for the relentless problem solver, the tireless innovator and the passionate explorer. One of our Associate Test Engineers, Jess Mayo knows that, here, your know-how, abilities and talents are what matter most.

Are you curious about the world around you? Are you filled with passion to make the world a better place? This is what we value. This is what we want. And this is part of what Jess loves about working in R&D from SAS world headquarters.

“Management and directors and anybody I talk to, they don’t see me for being a millennial,” said Jess. “They see me for my knowledge, and they listen. They really, really listen, and they want to know what I have to bring to the table.”

Respecting everyone's unique contributions

Our culture is built on our employees’ curiosity and on their excitement to find solutions to the problems no one else can solve. At SAS, our curiosity and our capability let us do the unthinkable – making incredible things happen by refusing to believe that any data problem is too great or too impossible to be solved.

Jess’s R&D team is on the front lines of transforming impossible things into possible solutions. “I work on a team with all women … and I’m in technology,” she said. “I’m in Research and Development; women just don’t make up a lot of us, and it’s really, really cool to look around in a meeting and see ‘Oh, there’s eight men? But there’s 12 women.’”

SAS is full of driven, highly skilled women just like Jess and her team, and SAS has (once again) been recognized as one of the Best Workplaces for Women. We’re so committed to empowering women and encouraging a corporate culture of diversity and fairness that women make up nearly half of our workforce and more than 35 percent of our leadership. “Other companies are striving and pushing for more women,” said Jess, “but it’s something that we already have. It’s something that I’m a part of, and it’s really, really exciting.”

And that’s why SAS is not just a leader in the analytics market or the artificial intelligence field. We’re a leader in the global movement to empower more women to enter the STEM field – women who are curious and knowledgeable, passionate and talented, innovative and skilled.

At SAS, more than anything else, your curiosity matters.


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