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Innovation is born from curiosity. And at SAS, curiosity is in our values, our DNA, and in our history. Curiosity drove our founders to create SAS, and it all started with a simple question:

Is there a better way to analyze data?

Year after year, we continued to grow by questioning relentlessly, exploring new and emerging technologies, and pursuing lifelong learning. And since the beginning, our culture has been an integral part of who we are as a company.

That's why we've always connected the curious nature that gave us our start to the spirit of innovation that continues to move us forward and keeps us a World’s Best Place to Work every year. We know we can discover new capabilities when we apply our curiosity and our desire to make a difference.

Your Curiosity Matters

At SAS, we're problem solvers, explorers, and knowledge seekers – always asking “What if?”. This is what sets us  apart – it’s who we are – bright, curious minds who are unafraid to challenge the status quo and thrive on doing meaningful work.

Here, your curiosity matters – whether you’re developing algorithms, creating customer experiences, or answering critical questions. And that’s why we’re launching a new series on the blog to highlight our people and showcase what happens when they unleash their curiosity. Because no matter what area of the company we work in, our passion and curiosity fuels our work, drives innovation, and ignites our collective creativity.

If you’re wondering why people choose to work at SAS, we’ll let them speak for themselves. All our employees believe in what we do. We understand that our innovation in analytics is only as important as what can be accomplished with it.

Keep your eyes out for more posts in this series, because: This is SAS, where your curiosity matters. 

Learn more about our Careers and Culture. Checkout #SASlife on our social channels to see what it's all about!

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