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SAS employees converse at the Social Innovation Showcase "Why are we doing this?"

No matter who you are, that’s a question you’ve likely asked yourself more than once. Whether as a child receiving instruction from your parents, or as adults contemplating the reason behind decisions made at work, we are curious by nature.

We all carry this innate desire to ask questions and fully understand why we do what we do. By understanding our purpose, we better understand the big picture and how we fit into the picture itself.

At SAS, the reason we do what we do is because we know that there is no problem too great or question too complex that analytics can’t solve. The problems we solve with analytics help fight cancer, keep aircraft operational during crucial missions, and identify suspicious financial transactions. But we also put our analytical expertise to work on social issues.

That’s where SAS’ social innovation work comes into play, and it’s a commitment that’s been part of who we are since the very beginning. By applying our skills and resources to the issues that matter most in our society, we help build a more sustainable future for all.

A brighter future for all

The social impact programs we develop directly support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals that address the global challenges we face related to poverty, gender equality, climate change, education, sanitation and more. From rebuilding communities after natural disasters strike to protecting endangered species, SAS is applying data and analytics is make a lasting impact on the world.

As a company, the only way we can support these global causes is through the passion and curiosity of SAS employees. Our social innovation efforts hinge on employees who want to use their skills for social good. Their bold ideas and creative problem solving is how we contribute to building a better world for people and planet.

Check out how IOM and SAS partnered to help rebuild communities in Nepal after a devastating earthquake.

Empowering the next generation of innovators

The social innovation work we do matters greatly for nonprofits, governments and global organizations. But our social innovation efforts are also designed to support the next generation of innovators. Our goal is to help introduce younger learners to data through the lens of global issues, and then help students uncover ways to turn their insights into action within their local communities.

So, what is social innovation for SAS? It’s how we take the power of our brand, the strength of our technology and the passion of our employees and put it to work for lasting, societal change.


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Anjelica Cummings

Manager, Social Innovation Programs, Partnerships and Communications

Anjelica Cummings manages SAS' Social Innovation programs, partnerships and communications strategy. She is responsible for leading a senior team of experts who bring SAS' analytics and advocacy efforts together. The Social Innovation programs and partnerships apply SAS® technology toward the world's most pressing needs. Anjelica brings a decade of communications experiences to her role. Over the years she has developed, led and implemented strategic communications programs for dozens of national organizations. Whether it's a strategy designed for the media, customers, partners, employees or the community, Anjelica believes the fundamentals of communications remain the same: To bring greater understanding, visibility and connection to the issues that matter most. She is a guest lecturer for North Carolina State University and a former board member of the International Association of Business Communicators.

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