What could you create if nothing were impossible?


Referred to as the instigator of innovation, Mick Ebeling works to expand the human possibilities of technology through his company, Not Impossible Labs, whose mission is to change the world through technology and story.

Powered by a team of thinkers, doers, creators and hackers, Not Impossible Labs works on inspirational innovation, improving the world, reducing human suffering and making the impossible possible, one invention at a time.

“You cannot name anything possible today that wasn’t impossible first,” said Ebeling at the Analytics Experience Conference. “All of these things at some point were impossible until someone broke the notion of possibility.”

Each new discovery made by Not Impossible Labs starts from the same exact place — with the story of one individual. By uncovering the absurd story of one person, Not Impossible Labs works tirelessly to find a way to solve the absurdity and then make that absurd solution accessible to many.

Help one, help many

Ebeling struck the heart of conference attendees as he shared the stories and absurd truths of people whose lives triggered powerful solutions through Not Impossible Labs.

  • EyeWriter brought the ability to draw back to a paraplegic.
  • Project Daniel created 3D-printed arms to Sudanese amputees.
  • Don’s Voice gave a voice to patients who hadn’t spoken in 15 years because of ALS.

Watch Ebeling's TedTalk to hear more stories that inspired not impossible solutions.

Artificial intelligence makes the impossible possible

How can conference attendees apply these lessons in their work? How can they use their analytics skills to achieve similar results? Ebeling has an answer:

AI is a tool and a massive opportunity for making the impossible possible,” said Ebeling. “But AI itself is just a tool. We believe in technology for the sake of humanity, but it’s about humanity first.”

To make the world a better place, the world needs people who desperately desire to do their part in making the world a better place. With that, Ebeling left attendees with a charter:

  • What will your victory be?
  • What is the story people will one day tell about you?
  • Who is the one person whose life can be improved by your brilliance and intelligence?

Individual people helping people is our only chance at making our cities, our regions and our world better.


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Anjelica Cummings manages SAS' Social Innovation programs, partnerships and communications strategy. She is responsible for leading a senior team of experts who bring SAS' analytics and advocacy efforts together. The Social Innovation programs and partnerships apply SAS® technology toward the world's most pressing needs. Anjelica brings a decade of communications experiences to her role. Over the years she has developed, led and implemented strategic communications programs for dozens of national organizations. Whether it's a strategy designed for the media, customers, partners, employees or the community, Anjelica believes the fundamentals of communications remain the same: To bring greater understanding, visibility and connection to the issues that matter most. She is a guest lecturer for North Carolina State University and a former board member of the International Association of Business Communicators.


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