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New look and new insights at

If you’ve been over to at all in the last week, you’ve probably noticed our relaunched site. The changes are kind of hard to miss. But it’s not just the home page that’s changed. And it’s not just a cosmetic redesign. The whole site has been revamped with a goal toward

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Guest Blogger: Len Tashman previews Fall 2013 issue of Foresight

  Forecasting Support Systems (FSS) – essentially, decision support systems for forecasters – are being given increasing scrutiny in forecasting circles, including our recent half-dozen articles in Foresight. Additionally this year, there has been a special issue of the International Journal of Forecasting focused on the topic. Keith Ord and

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Create mosaic plots in SAS by using PROC FREQ

Mosaic plots (Hartigan and Kleiner, 1981; Friendly, 1994, JASA) are used for exploratory data analysis of categorical data. Mosaic plots have been available for decades in SAS products such as JMP, SAS/INSIGHT, and SAS/IML Studio. However, not all SAS customers have access to these specialized products, so I am pleased

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The Series: Eclectic event for senior executives

Developing long-term, trusted business relationships doesn’t just happen.  At the most senior levels, business takes place face-to-face.  It’s about making true connections, sharing ideas, and connecting with the right people.  The Premier Business Leadership Series (PBLS) offers just such an opportunity, a chance for business executives to build connections with

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SASuser power!

SASuser power! Does this phrase conjure up any images for you? I visualize SAS users across the globe, addressing messy data, combating fraud, and making use of business analytics to provide insight and add business value for organizations around the world. We, SASusers are powerful! With the Potential of One

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Comparing two groups? Two tips that make a difference

A common visualization is to compare characteristics of two groups. This article emphasizes two tips that will help make the comparison clear. First, consider graphing the differences between the groups. Second, in any plot that has a categorical axis, sort the categories by a meaningful quantity. This article is motivated

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Metrics – Too many different ways of keeping score

You’ve likely played an organized sport at some time in your life - How many different ways were there to keep score?  How many different ways were there to determine the winner?  Just one – right?  It was goals, or runs, or points, or something, but never goals and/or assists,

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Forecast Value Added Q&A (Part 7)

Mercifully, we have reached the final installment of Q&A from the June 20 Foresight-SAS webinar, "Forecast Value Added: A Reality Check on Forecasting Practices." As a reminder, a recording of the webinar is available for on-demand review, and the Foresight article (upon which the webinar was based) is available for free

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"The Data Post" - die Web-Highlights des Monats

Einmal pro Monat fassen wir ab jetzt Studien, Videos und Veröffentlichungen über Big Data, Business Analytics und Datenvisualisierung für Sie zusammen. Das Wichtigste über den Umgang mit Daten in Unternehmen und datenbasierte Entscheidungen - im Web gefunden, zusammengetragen und ausgewählt von führenden Analysten, unseren Partnern und SAS-Experten. Zur aktuellen Ausgabe: "The

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