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Communities"Where do you go to get help with SAS?" It's a question I've asked users more times than I can remember. Some will tell me they take a SAS class or call SAS Technical Support, but the most common answer is "colleagues."  There's no doubt fellow users are a great resource, but if you're only relying on colleagues at your company, you're missing out.

The SAS Support Communities apply the collective knowledge of more than 65,000 (and growing) SAS peers to help you solve coding problems, assist with data analysis, address deployment questions and so much more. It's a great resource that I'd encourage you to check out, if you're not already participating!

To whet your appetite, I thought I'd give you a glimpse of some recently accepted solutions from our various communities. "Accepted as Solution" posts are marked with a green check. This indicates that the original poster thought it successfully answered their question. Every month we get about 160,000 views of solutions so our users are certainly finding them useful.

Take a look at some of the answered posts below and then poke around at the thousands of other solutions offered by our talented SAS user base. (Our Recent Solutions page is updated in real time with the latest answered posts.) Then, if you're up for the challenge, pick a few unanswered posts and write a response. It's a great way to give back to the SAS community by sharing your knowledge with less experienced users.


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