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Actuarial Transformation and Execution at Speed guarantee Competitive Pricing in Insurance

Actuarial practice has always been analytical—so how much is advanced analytics disrupting this element of insurance? We discussed this issue in a recent #SASchat. The importance of competitive pricing Analytics is now being used in more and more areas in insurance, and particularly to tailor pricing more precisely to customers’

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Insurance Summit 2021 tem painel voltado a discutir desafios e a inovação no setor de seguros

Para fechar o Insurance Summit 2021, o evento contou com uma mesa-redonda com a presença de executivos do setor. Participaram Fabio Morita, CDO da Porto Seguro; Alexandre Putini, diretor de transformação digital da SulAmerica, e Denise Ciavatta, CIO da HDI Seguros, para debater temas como transformação digital, inovação aberta, tendências

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No Insurance Summit 2021, Agustin Terrile fala sobre principais mudanças do IFRS17

Em palestra no Insurance Summit 2021, Agustin Terrile, consultor especializado em seguros do SAS, mostrou um pouco das mudanças do IFRS17 do ponto de vista da estimativa de fluxos de caixa e demonstrou as etapas para um modelo acurado e ágil. Terille começou falando sobre o motor de cálculo e

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Kim Kuster fala sobre Agent Gaming e casos de sucesso em palestra no Insurance Summit 2021

Na palestra “Agent Gaming no setor de Seguros”, Kim Kuster, consultora de negócios em Inteligência de Segurança do SAS, explicou o que é agent gaming e como a prática impacta na área de seguros. Além disso, mostrou alguns casos de sucesso no combate a esse tipo de fraude e fez

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How do you adapt your insurance pricing strategy in the face of increased price competition?

Many countries in Europe have in previous years experienced increased price competition for general insurance products. Especially in Southern Europe, the competition has been very fierce, fueled by online price comparison websites. In Spain, Portugal and Greece, there has been a substantial drop in average premiums for products like motor,

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Three digital transformation challenge areas ahead for insurance providers in Turkey

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, SAS has formed dedicated global teams to predict and monitor the pandemic’s course and identify the likely impact for customers. In Turkey, we have identified three main risk areas for insurers and have set out some strategies to help our clients respond, recover

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The last part of the blog post series “A practical guide to tackle auto insurance fraud” – Part 7: Operational Processes and Automated Controls

This is the seventh and last part of the blog post series “A practical guide to tackle auto insurance fraud”. In the first six articles of the series we drilled down to: Data Management and Data Quality as the basis for fraud detection analytics. Business Rules and Watch lists techniques

Data Management
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Drivers for the digitalization of insurance

The insurance industry is becoming increasingly focused on the digitalization of its business processes. There are many factors driving digitalization, but it’s clear that a reliable and meaningful database is the basic prerequisite for a successful digitalization strategy. Insurance companies are increasingly prioritizing digitalization, not because this issue is currently

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Opioid schemes fueled by staged car accidents, insurance fraud

Criminal enterprises are tapping into the lucrative opioid business through creative schemes that are less likely to be identified as opioid abuse, misuse or diversion. One of the latest schemes? Auto insurance fraud. First, some background… While extensive progress has been made in establishing, improving, and mandating prescription drug monitoring

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Data Governance by a Standard Data Model for Insurance

  Using a standardized data model is an essential condition to achieve data governance in an enterprise. A standard data model supports data governance processes by implementing industry standards wherever possible: standards for contract and claims representation, mapping of data content with standard definitions (glossary function), use of code attributes

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