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Rick Wicklin 0
The GCD and LCM functions in SAS

My daughter's middle school math class recently reviewed how to compute the greatest common factor (GCF) and the least common multiple (LCM) of a set of integers. (The GCF is sometimes called the greatest common divisor, or GCD.) Both algorithms require factoring integers into a product of primes. While helping

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Rick Wicklin 0
Rotating matrices

This article is about rotating matrices. No, I don't mean "rotation matrices," I mean rotating matrices. As in turning a matrix 90 degrees in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. I was reading a program written in MATLAB in which the programmer used a MATLAB function called ROT90, which rotates a

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Terry Barham 0
SAS Certifications are in demand

The demand for SAS Certifications has never been bigger. The number of SAS Certifications awarded has doubled over the last three years and in August the program had its biggest month ever with 1,195 certifications awarded. Here’s another impressive stat. More than 59,000 SAS Certifications have been awarded since the

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Shelly Goodin 0
SAS author's tip: Naming ODS output

This week's SAS tip is from Michael Tuchman and his innovative book PROC DOCUMENT by Example Using SAS. Michael's book fills an important gap. For instance, in her review of the book, SAS user and senior statistical analyst Wendi Wright said: "Currently, I believe PROC DOCUMENT is a highly underused procedure and after reading

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Jim Simon 0
Importing CSV files into SAS datasets

Sometimes, your first impulse may not be correct, like trading in your practical sedan for a hot 2-seater.  Other times, your first impulse is perfect, as in the examples below. Suppose the automobile data you wish to analyze resides in a CSV file.  Naturally, your first impulse is to import

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Maggie Miller 0
Sweet success with SAS training

John Taylor has been using SAS for about 12 years and admits, he loves SAS! He was first introduced to SAS while working on his BA/MA in Statistics at Boston University. “It became immediately obvious to me that knowing SAS would be invaluable to me as a statistician, so I

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Rebecca Greene 0
Happy authors don’t …

One of my favorite literary agents, Rachelle Gardner, often talks about the traits of good writers. Recently she posted a list of things that happy authors don’t do. I’ve quoted a few traits from her list that also apply to authors of technical material. Happy authors don’t … 1 …

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Jeff Thompson 0
My transition from academia to SAS

I am passionate about teaching.  My colleagues would probably say this is the understatement of the year.  And it likely has something to do with the fact that both of my parents were teachers. I started my teaching career at the university level and after many years an unexpected opportunity

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