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My oh my… It makes me happy to see that most of our blog readers have been very good this year. You know, the elves have been especially busy keeping track of predicting the probability that you will be naughty or nice. This really cuts down on the last minute rush we used to find ourselves in when making these decisions at year end in years past.

Our elves have been hammering away on the new version of SAS Enterprise Miner to build models, and now they have a model for each state represented in the United Nations… that’s more than 190 models!  With this many models in production, it is almost impossible to find out when a model is starting to underperform, and needs to be retrained, replaced or retired.

This year, we started using SAS Model Manager to help with this challenge. With Model Manager, you can see characteristics of a model in a nicely decorated project tree.

We can even set up performance indicators and get emails alerting us when the distribution of our input variables or target variable changes according to a deviation index. We can access a wealth of information about our production models by clicking any report link in the dashboard.

The elves were really excited about the Workflow Console that lets them perform Model Management functions like importing models, viewing the score code and publishing models for in-database scoring.

Well, I have to get back to work now – enjoy the next 14 days!


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Peter Christie

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Peter Christie joined the Statistical Training department at SAS in 2008 as a course developer and instructor. Prior to SAS, he worked in the entertainment, retail, banking, and pharmaceutical industries. He earned an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His areas of interest include data mining, business analytics and predictive modeling. When not working with customers, Peter is either in training for a marathon or playing in a 10 piece Jazz band.

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    • Peter Christie on

      Cat - thanks for sending your list. I believe you have been good this year, and as much as I'd like to oblige, I'm afraid that SAS Analytics 13.1 is so jam packed full of goodies it can't possibly fit down a chimney, let alone in a stocking!

      We may be able to get you a t-shirt and pen from this year’s analytics conference though...

      • You can never have too many t-shirts and pens! I can't wait for 13.1. It'll be like Christmas morning when I fire up the new path diagrams in PROC CALIS. Maybe a blog is in order...

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