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Maggie Miller 0
Getting answers with econometrics

Someone once boiled down econometrics for me by explaining -- it’s all about answering the “why.” It’s especially important for companies wanting to know the answers to important questions like… Why are customers buying this product? Why are customers not buying my product? If you’re ready to start investigating the

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Michael A. Raithel 0
SAS tourism

How do they spell “SAS” in Japan?  What does the Japanese version of the SAS Display Manager look like?  How is a SAS programming class conducted in Tokyo?  These may sound like pretty random questions, but I found myself wondering about them as I began preparing for my trip to

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Larry LaRusso 0
SAS is in the air

Today is Valentine's Day, and for many people it will be a day to celebrate with their significant other. Whether it's expressed by a nice dinner out, a bouquet of roses, or a big box of chocolates, there's no doubt that love will be in the air. It reminds me

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Rick Wicklin 0
How to vectorize time series computations

Vector languages such as SAS/IML, MATLAB, and R are powerful because they enable you to use high-level matrix operations (matrix multiplication, dot products, etc) rather than loops that perform scalar operations. In general, vectorized programs are more efficient (and therefore run faster) than programs that contain loops. For an example

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