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Shelley Sessoms 0
Fulfilling goals

We all have goals…personal, professional, stretch goals, goals that will move us forward quickly. I’ve talked to many people who have a goal of someday writing a book. They always say “someday” in a wistful tone, because they never feel like they’ll have enough time or knowledge to be an

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Terry Barham 0
SAS Certification at Analytics 2014

Attending an industry conference requires an investment in time away from the office and maximizing that investment makes a lot of sense.  In addition to gaining insight into challenges facing the analytics industry today,  discovering and evaluating new products and services, and networking with the largest gathering of analytics professionals

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Rick Wicklin 0
Choosing bins for histograms in SAS

When you create a histogram with statistical software, the software uses the data (including the sample size) to automatically choose the width and location of the histogram bins. The resulting histogram is an attempt to balance statistical considerations, such as estimating the underlying density, and "human considerations," such as choosing

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Eric Rossland 0
Not the same ol’ middle tier

The SAS Middle Tier is all new for SAS 9.4, and you might not recognize it. Gone are the third-party web application servers. Gone is the third-party Java development kit. Missing major components like those may cause you to ask yourself, “Does SAS still have a middle tier?”  With the

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Eric Rossland 0
A tale of two administrators

You are the new SAS Administrator. After the initial shock or excitement, you sit back and wonder, “What does that MEAN???” In an enterprise environment there are often divisions of duties. The SAS Intelligence Platform is no exception. Just take a look at the architecture. Just looking at this picture,

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Larry Stewart 0
Thanks a Million

In July, we trained our 1 millionth user. It’s a significant milestone for SAS. In celebration, we want to recognize our customers and say “thank you” for making a commitment to us for your learning. Now through Aug. 31, we are offering a special Buy One, Get One 50-percent off

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