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The U.S. Regional SAS Users Group Conferences are smaller, intimate conferences where you can show off your SAS expertise. The conference coordinators are always looking for strong presenters and keynote speakers. Many of our authors use these conferences to gather immediate feedback on their book topic. And let’s not forget about the promotional opportunities. You can be like Art Carpenter and proudly wear your “SAS Author. Ask Me About My Book” button.

If you’re ready to be noticed at a regional conference, our web site gives you an overview of how to become a SAS author. And we’re always here to answer your questions and help you get started.

We’re looking for SAS authors now. And if you submit a book proposal by early October, we will review that proposal, get feedback to you as quickly as possible, and, if your proposal is accepted, get your project started. Then your book can be either sold or promoted at the regional conferences in 2015.

Now’s the time to think about your 2015 conference presentations. Let’s get that book idea started and you’ll already have a talk or two prepared. And, we’ll even give you a fancy Author button to wear, too!

Contact us today to get started.


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Shelley Sessoms

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Shelley Sessoms is a Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist in the Customer Engagement Marketing division at SAS. She manages several communities on the SAS Support Communities and also curates the SAS Learning Report and SUGA Download newsletters.. During her 20 years at SAS, she has written numerous customer-facing communications, as well as helped close to 100 employees and customers become authors through the SAS Press program.

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