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Regression coefficient plots in SAS

Last week's post about odds ratio plots in SAS made me think about a similar plot that visualizes the parameter estimates for a regression analysis. The so-called regression coefficient plot is a scatter plot of the estimates for each effect in the model, with lines that indicate the width of

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Simulating data for a logistic regression model

In my book Simulating Data with SAS, I show how to use the SAS DATA step to simulate data from a logistic regression model. Recently there have been discussions on the SAS/IML Support Community about simulating logistic data by using the SAS/IML language. This article describes how to efficiently simulate

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Modeling Finite Mixtures with the FMM Procedure

In my previous post, I blogged about how to sample from a finite mixture distribution. I showed how to simulate variables from populations that are composed of two or more subpopulations. Modeling a response variable as a mixture distribution is an active area of statistics, as judged by many talks