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Help, I’ve overindulged!

As a fitness and health professional, I know better.  But I still find myself splurging on my favorite comfort foods (burritos, pizza, pasta, etc).  Okay, maybe splurge is too mild of a word. I admit it. I tend to go totally overboard at times!  What I’m talking about is eating

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Rudolf the red nosed Bayesian network?

As a follow-up to my previous Christmas blog post, Twas the night before big data,  I give you ... Bayesian network, the directed acyclic graphical (DAG) model ( yeah, yeah, I know it doesn’t quite have the same ring as last year’s title, but you'll recognize the tune) You know Linear and

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Twas the night before big data

Twas the night before "big data," when all through the data center Not an IT supervisor was stirring, not even the help desk on-call. The servers where all humming along nicely in hopes Big data would soon be there.   The business users were nestled all snug in their offices

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