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Meet your SAS #StrataHadoop Team: Patrick Hall

The epicenter of big data moves to New York City on September 29 at Strata + Hadoop World. It’s a great chance to mix and mingle with people that live and breathe analytics, including a core SAS team of thought leaders, developers and executives. We’d love to be a part

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BARC Studie bestätigt Hadoop Ankunft

Es tut sich was in Sachen Big Data Analytics und Hadoop in den Unternehmen. Hat man vor 12 Monaten noch eher darüber diskutiert, ob Big Data ein weiterer Hype von Analysten und Beratern ist, stellt sich die Situation heute ganz anders dar: Das Thema ist in den Unternehmen angekommen.

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Surfing big waves

I just spent much of the past week watching and trying to ride waves on the North Carolina coast. Small waves, mind you, nothing spectacular and certainly nothing that you would consider edgy or life-altering. Nothing that big wave surfers like Laird Hamilton, Garrett McNamara and others of their substance

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Big data use cases and the big data wake up call

According to recent studies on big data readiness, the majority of companies (more than 60 percent in the latest study of Crisp Research) are not prepared for the challenges of digital transformation. In fact, 58 percent of decision makers surveyed say they have no strategy in place. The quest for

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Data scientist as venture capitalist

We’ve all heard the old saw, “If you torture data long enough, eventually it will confess to something.” But when it comes to spurring real change, how about ditching the dungeon-master act and thinking like a venture capitalist instead? Wouldn’t that pay bigger dividends? That was the tip from Ravi

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Hadoop is not Beetlejuice

In the 1988 film Beetlejuice, the title character, hilariously portrayed by Michael Keaton, is a bio exorcist (a ghost capable of scaring the living) hired by a recently deceased couple in an attempt to scare off the new owners of their house. Beetlejuice is summoned by saying his name three times. (Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice.) Nowadays