Analytics and Hadoop partnering for success

Alan Saldich, VP of Marketing at Cloudera

Alan Saldich, VP of Marketing at Cloudera, discusses how SAS and Cloudera are tackling Cybersecurity

In a complicated, fast-paced and connected world, you don’t succeed alone.  SAS and Cloudera have a successful  partnership that dates back several years. Our products are complementary and provide significant quantifiable value to customers who run them on the same cluster.  Add Intel to the mix and you have a trio of success as evidenced at the recent Analytics + Hadoop Event in New York featuring SAS, Cloudera and Intel.

Cloudera was the first commercial distributor of Hadoop; It enables SAS analysts to access a unified (and essentially unlimited) set of data - structured, unstructured, new, legacy - using familiar tools and frameworks.

Companies are looking to modernize their analytics with Hadoop at the core and to capitalize on the myriad ways to extract value from their data.  The process itself is relatively straightforward:

  • Step 1: Capture data of any shape, size, and type and maintain it in an active archive.
  • Step 2: Empower analysts to experiment with the data and discover new insights through familiar BI and analytics tools.
  • Step 3: Deploy these insights into production to drive tangible business results.

What’s truly different about this approach is that today analysts can explore vastly larger datasets from across their organization and beyond; an idea that until the advent of Hadoop and recent advances in processing and analytics frameworks was impractical from a technology standpoint.

Having access to more data and newer types of data is critical when tackling common business challenges like customer 360, fraud and compliance, churn reduction, supply chain optimization, and cybersecurity.

As an example, Cloudera and SAS are tackling the growing (and incredibly expensive) threat of cybersecurity. Hadoop, supported by keen analytical insights, provides security analysts a wider yet more granular lens from which to detect and determine the root cause of certain security events. For more on this topic, check out, "Cybersecurity and the Big Yellow Elephant" or download the on-demand webinar, "Data Powered Threat Detection."

Equifax, a customer of both SAS and Cloudera is using Hadoop to blend legacy relational with new unstructured data to improve risk analysis and build better data models in less time. The financial services leader enforces strict governance, access, and security policies on its Hadoop data. To learn more about the Equifax analytics platform, visit this link.

At this point you may want to know, “So, how do I start?”

The best way to kick the tires on Hadoop is by selecting a use case. You might find a few other tips as well in this blog, “Practical Tips for a Successful Hadoop Journey."  Or, check out this demo of a couple solutions running on Cloudera, SAS Data Loader for Hadoop and SAS Visual Analytics on Cloudera at this link.

Partnering is more important than ever before in solving business problems for the challenges of today.  We are thrilled to partner with SAS and participate in customer events like the Analytics + Hadoop Event.  It gives us a chance to hear firsthand from so many people with a keen interest in running SAS against Hadoop.


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Director of Partner Marketing, Cloudera

David Tishgart is Director of Partner Marketing at Cloudera and supports the SAS relationship. David has product and partner marketing program experience in driving the discussion around enterprise security for Hadoop. He holds a broadcast journalism degree from the University of Texas at Austin. - See more at:

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