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The SAS Online Customer Support Home page is like O'Hare International Airport -- once you get there, you can go almost anywhere else. If you have a layover before you leave the airport, you have lots of opportunities for a good meal, some great shopping, and fantastic people watching.  They also make it easy to track the next leg of your flight.  In comparison, if you plan a short layover as you are passing through the Customer Support Home page, you can find lots of opportunities to explore a great SAS technical paper, sample, or video. You can watch other SAS users as they participate in the Support Communities, or find a fast link to your favorite site area. Login to the site as part of your Home page layover and you'll discover our latest Home page feature: My Open Tracks. This feature is our first offering that helps you track your activity with SAS or the SAS web site.

Breaking News [updated February 14, 2013] SAS just added another destination to the Online Customer Support Home page.  Not only can you view your open tracks right on the Home page, but you can now also access your active eLearning and extended learning courses from SAS Training.  You'll find My Training in the same location and with the same look as described below for My Open Tracks.  Let us know if you find these tools handy.

Who sees the My Open Tracks feature?
This feature is available to everyone who has an active conversation with SAS Technical Support and who is logged in to the web site while visiting the Customer Support Home page.

How will I know if I see it?
Each time the Home page loads while you are logged in, your open tracks will slide in from the left and show you a maximum of three open tracks that have the most recent activity.  The image below is a sample of what you might see.  Your tracks are displayed just above the Recent Discussions and Next Step boxes at the bottom of the page.

Shows a page with My Open Tracks loaded

How does it work?
You have several ways to initiate a conversation with SAS Technical Support: using the online problem submission form, calling your local Technical Support office, or submitting an email question.  When your conversation is started, a track is opened and you are given a tracking number.  All further conversations about your question or issue are associated with that number and a valid email address.

If you have a web profile that uses the same email address and you are logged in to the Online Customer Support web site (, you can review the history of that track and any other open or closed track.  All of this is available to you via the Tracks application.  (Learn about the latest updates to the Tracks application.)

Until the addition of My Open Tracks to the Home page, you had to visit the Tracks application or keep up with your conversation using your email system.  Now, when you visit, be sure to go to the Home page, login, slow down, and check on your open tracks right there.  We will securely deliver a list of the latest updates to your Home page.  If you do not have an open track at the time of the visit, nothing will be displayed and you and read the content on the Home page as you have always done.

If you have more than three tracks (maybe you are responsible for monitoring all of the open tracks for your organization) or you want to review a closed track, simply select View all tracks from the gray header bar to access your Tracks application.

What's next?
We have a few ideas that we can develop to help you track your SAS interactions. What we would love to know is this:  what would you like to see to make your life easier as you navigate the SAS site, conduct interactions with difference divisions of SAS, and manage your SAS license?  We hope to show you some of our ideas, get your feedback and release additional features this year.  Until then, let us know what you think and never lose track of an open track again.


  1. Chris Hemedinger Chris Hemedinger
    Posted February 4, 2013 at 11:52 am | Permalink

    Per your open track -- to open the Doors of Durin: stand by the grey stone when the thrush knocks...and then you can figure out the rest.

    • Posted February 5, 2013 at 9:37 am | Permalink

      I can close this ticket now, which will remove it from my Home page list. That will make room for more open tracks because the My Open Tracks feature only shows the three most recent open tracks, you know.

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