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Programming Tips
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A tip for moving SAS Visual Analytics reports in SAS Viya 4 between SAS Viya environments

In SAS Viya 4 you can create Reports in SAS Visual Analytics that you may want to move around between machines. What if you want copy a report for example from a development environment folder to a production environment folder? You may want to work on the report in one system before putting it onto a final system and making it generally available. Or you may want to have a backup copy saved for recovery purposes. This blog post provides an updated description of how to easily save off SAS Visual Analytics report content to a file and easily move it between machines.

Programming Tips
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SAS Environment Manager: Importing events

An important goal of SAS Environment Manager is to communicate with existing software systems. This capability includes not only monitoring other non-SAS platform resources, but also means having the ability to respond to events from outside the SAS platform.  We’ve seen how SAS Environment Manager can generate an event for external consumption (see Scott McCauley’s

SAS Administrators
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SAS Environment Manager Data Mart—the heart of the Service Management Architecture

Several new capabilities and components are available in SAS Environment Manager 2.4, the web-based administration solution for a SAS environment. For me, the most important enhancement is probably the SAS Environment Manager Service Management Architecture Framework, which provides features and functions that enable SAS Environment Manager to fit into a