The Self-Service Import in SAS Viya 3.2


In SAS Viya 3.2, the Self-Service Import provides a mechanism for a user to import (copy) data into the SAS Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) environment. The data is copied as a .sashdat file into the selected CAS Library location when it is imported.  Self-Service Import data can only be imported into CAS libraries of type PATH, HDFS, or DNFS.

The Self-Service Import functionality is available in the following applications:

  • SAS Visual Data Builder
  • SAS Visual Analytics
  • SAS Environment Manager – Data

To have access to Self-Service Import, the end user must be granted the Read permission on the /casManagement_capabilities/importData object URI in the Security ⇨ Rules area of SAS Environment Manager.

Self-Service Import supports importing data to CAS from Local, Server, and Social Media sources.

Self-Service Import in SAS Viya
SAS Viya 3.2: Self-Service Import


Local file data can be imported from Microsoft Excel (.XLSX or .XLS), text file (.TXT or .CSV), the clipboard, or a SAS Data Set (SASHDAT or SAS7BDAT). The file(s) must exist on a file system available to your PC.


After providing the appropriate server connection information, a table from LASR or select database types can be imported. The currently supported database types are:  Oracle, Teradata, Hadoop, PostgreSQL, and Impala. The Server selections displayed are dependent on your licensing and configuration.

Social Media

After authentication with the social media provider (Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, or YouTube), data can be imported through the social media provider’s public API. Access to these APIs is subject to the social media provider’s applicable license terms, terms of use, and other usage terms and policies.

Currently, there is a size limit for file imports that is set on the CAS Management service Configuration screen in SAS Environment Manager. The default size is 4GB. The local file importer has a 4GB limit because that is what the smallest size limit browser (Internet Explorer) is restricted to; however, Chrome and other browsers will allow larger file sizes, which is why there is a property that allows an Admin to set a higher limit. A modification to the max-file-size property requires a restart of the casManagement service.

Social Media and DBMS importers have no explicit limits. However, there is a limitation of the disk size of where casManagement is running because the uploaded file gets written to a temporary file on the server relative to casManagement.

For more information refer to the Self-Service Import section of the SAS Viya 3.2: Administration Guide.


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