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Gerry Nelson

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Gerry Nelson is an Advisory Technical Architect in the Global Enablement and Learning (GEL) Team within SAS R&D Division. His primary focus is on administration of SAS VIya environments, particularly automation, modernization, migration, and upgrading.


  1. Dr. David Marco on

    With these tools and techniques, SAS administrators can streamline their processes and ensure a thorough understanding of their SAS environment, essential for smooth operations and successful upgrades.

    • Gerry Nelson on

      Hi Raj,

      in SAS 9.2 you can use used programming interfaces to metadata such as the metadata data step functions or PROC metadata to develop SAS programs which create these reports as referenced above.

      An easier approach is using one of the "Security Reporting Macros". They are documented in the Security Administration Guide. A call to the MDSECGO macro will return all metadata content to a SAS dataset. For example:


      Similarly for users and groups you can use %MDUEXTR macro documented in the appendix of the Security Administration guide.

        • Gerry Nelson
          Gerry Nelson on

          You don't absolutely have to run it as the administrator, but I would recommend that you do. That is the best way to guarantee that you get all the metadata in your report. If you run as a different users you may only see the items that they have readmetadata access to.

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