Building great graphs with Base SAS

~ Contributed by Lelia McConnell, Technical Support Consultant, SAS ~

Base SAS 9.3 has made creating high quality graphics output easier than ever. Did you know that you can create great looking, high resolution graphs with Base SAS? The Customer Support Website provides sample code to help you create graphs from your data.  Take a look at this great-looking graph that was created using the Graph Template Language to define the bar fill colors.

You can create these graphs because ODS Graphics moved to Base SAS in SAS 9.3.  ODS Graphics includes

  • the Graph Template Language
  • the SG procedures
  • the SAS ODS Graphics Designer
  • the SAS ODS Graphics Editor.

Using these features, you can create (just to name a few)

You can also control the visual attributes of your data with attribute maps as described in Sample 44735 and Sample 44731.  But wait. ODS Graphics has a few more tricks for you to use when creating graphs with Base SAS.  The ODS Graphics Designer gives you the ability to design custom graphs using an interactive graphical application (view the video tutorial) .

For those instances when you want to make small changes to your graph, for instance add a title, change the axis label or even change the size, shape and color of graphical elements you can do all of these things with the ODS Graphics Editor.



  1. Kimberly LeBouton
    Posted May 29, 2012 at 6:14 pm | Permalink

    Along with Base SAS 9.3, I believe that SAS/Graph is needed in order to create these graphs.

  2. Lelia McConnell Lelia McConnell
    Posted May 30, 2012 at 9:05 am | Permalink

    Beginning in SAS 9.3, PROC SGPANEL, PROC SGDESIGN, PROC SGPLOT, PROC SGRENDER, the ODS Graphics Designer and the ODS Graphics Editor are are included with Base SAS and do not require additional software.

    The traditional SAS/GRAPH procedures such as PROC GCHART, PROC GMAP, PROC GPLOT and PROC GREPLAY still require SAS/GRAPH in SAS 9.3.

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