SASware Ballot has history, but still relevant

SAS has a rich history of working together with SAS customers to explore new ideas. Since 1976, we have been asking our customers what they would like to see in SAS software. The first SASware Ballot was released that year and has steadily grown along with the company.

I have been a SAS employee for a long time but not long enough to remember the first SASware Ballot.  However, I have heard the story many times over the years and I still love to hear the story anytime it is being told.  As happens with legends that are passed down, I'm sure that my version isn't complete.   Here's how I heard it.

During one of the very first user group gatherings, Dr. Goodnight asked a group of users a question like this:  "If you had $5,000 dollars to spend on development of SAS software, what would you spend the money on."  Those people who were in attendance created a development budget with their $5,000 to show what they thought SAS should focus on.  From that conversation, SASware Ballot was born.

Now, I don't know if it really went down like that or not. Maybe some of you were there and can add details. If so, please tell us what that early "ballot" was like.

Fast forward to 2012. The SASware Ballot is still going strong and SAS is still interested in what you think we should focus on in R&D. We can't easily ask each of you personally where you think we should spend our development time --- wait, yes we can. 

SAS just introduced the latest advancement in user feedback: the collaborative SASware Ballot.  The Ballot is now part of  Because we are leveraging the community software, we have made it easier for you to:

  • interact with other users who are voting for or against an idea
  • influence the direction of SAS
  • add clarification and details to a suggestion by adding a comment
  • track the progress of your favorite suggestion.

Vote or comment

SAS wants to hear what you think.  To get started:

  1. Visit the new SASware Ballot Community.
  2. Log in using your SAS Web profile credentials or create a SAS profile.
  3. Review the list of items in the Newest Ballot Additions box or browse through the items in a particular category.
  4. See something you like? Select the up arrow to vote for that item. Add a comment to let other users know why this change or new feature would be helpful.
  5. See something that you don't like? Select the down arrow to cast a vote against the idea.  This is where your comments are really helpful.  Please take a moment to explain what about the suggestion seems like a bad idea. 
  6. Keep an eye on your favorite Ballot item by selecting the Follow button for that item.  Track the progress in your Communications stream.
  7. Repeat frequently.

Remember, your voice and your vote are important to SAS!


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