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Fraud & Security Intelligence
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Betrugserkennung & Fraud: Warum gegen Analytics auch ein Robert Redford keine Chance hätte

Die Menschen sagen immer, man könnt nichts lernen aus Hollywood-Filmen. Stimmt nicht! Im Kino läuft gerade „Gangster Squad“. Die Handlung: Ein stadtbekannter Verbrecher ist nicht mit den gängigen Methoden zu fangen. Daher rottet sich eine rabiatere Polizei-Truppe zusammen, um ihn zu bekämpfen. Das hört sich zwar spannend an, aber mein Lieblings-Film

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Carl Hammersburg 0
Employee misclassification: Will the last employee please turn off the lights?

Independent contractor.  Two very simple words that have a dramatic impact on businesses, workers, and government programs.  While most people have a basic understanding of the term, they often have very little understanding of the laws governing it, which vary significantly program by program and state by state.  This has

Analytics | Fraud & Security Intelligence
Greg Henderson 0
"Financial fraud is the dominant crime of this millennium"

Several weeks ago, South Carolina was the victim of what some experts believe to be the largest cyber-attack against a state tax department in history. Approximately 3.6 million personal South Carolina income tax returns were exposed, and nearly 657,000 businesses compromised, in an international hacking attack. Coincidentally, SAS and the SC

Fraud & Security Intelligence
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Keep Those Laboratories Open!

The last two years have been one long, downhill-only roller coaster ride for state and local governments. Budget crises that are the result of decreasing revenues at every level have left state legislatures, governors and local government leadership struggling to maintain effective services for their citizens and, in some cases,

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