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Encoding a password

Leanne Tang has learned a lot about encoding in her work of providing relevant user data and securing the database from accidental changes. There are hundreds of SAS users at the National Agricultural Statistics Service. Tang didn’t want to create thousands of accounts and passwords to allow those users to

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Let's play a game

Do you finish the Word Search in the Sunday paper? Several years ago, Robert Matthews decided to design a word search to help his kids in their school work. Matthews wanted to be able to put in the words of his choice and provide difficulty levels so that game users could

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Thinking about SESUG 2012

Have you registered for the 20th annual  SouthEast SAS Users Group conference (SESUG) yet? NO? What are you waiting for? I've heard it going to be a real party, so come help us celebrate SESUG's 20th birthday (hmm ... SESUG isn't even old enough to drink). The last time I went was

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