Curious about SAS® Viya®? Discover two new free SAS Press e-books!


With all the excitement around SAS’ new software architecture, SAS Viya, we often get asked the question:

What is it and how can it help my company conquer our analytics challenges?

Fortunately, learning more about SAS Viya has never been easier.

SAS Viya extends the SAS® Platform and provides reliable, scalable, and secure analytics inventory management and governance. It allows for faster processing, access to machine learning, plus support for other languages like Python, R, Java, and Lua. In addition, it has support for on-site, cloud, or hybrid environments. It opens SAS to more than just data scientists and allows the SAS platform to be used by business analysts, developers, executives, and more. It truly is the next step in data analytics!

To support our Viya revolution, we have published two new free e-books to illustrate the features and capabilities of SAS Viya.

Exploring SAS® Viya®: Programming and Data Management covers how to access data files, libraries, and existing code in SAS® Studio. It also includes information on new procedures in SAS Viya, how to write new code, and how to use some of the pre-installed tasks that come with SAS® Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning.





Exploring SAS® Viya®: Visual Analytics, Statistics, and Investigations covers data visualization which enables decision-makers to see analytics presented visually so that they can grasp difficult concepts or identify new patterns. SAS offers several solutions for visualizing your data, many of which are powered by SAS Viya. This book includes four visualization solutions powered by SAS Viya: SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Visual Statistics, SAS Visual Text Analytics, and SAS Visual Investigator.

Test your new SAS skills

Ready to test out Viya for yourself? Get a free trial and test the power of the Viya engine.

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    • Missy Hannah

      Hey Alpheus! I do not have any of those for free online as I teach through NC State! But I use Code Academy! Have you tried their web development free classes?

  1. Alpheus Legoke Mokgalaka on

    Great job with 2 free new books (Exploring SAS® Viya®: Visual Analytics, Statistics, SAS Visual Text Analytics and Investigations) for my learning and practice.
    Thank you.

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