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Data Visualization
Sanjay Matange 0
Micro Maps

MicroMaps are a powerful way to display data where the display includes small, lightweight maps to provide geographical information regarding the data.  This geographical information gives clues to the relationship between the data that could lead to more insight. The SAS SG Procedures and GTL do not currently have built-in

Robert Allison 0
Browser wars: And the winner is ...

Have you ever tried to put something on the Web, and then it looks different for other people (or maybe doesn't work at all)? ... And you eventually found that it was because they were using a different browser? That's one of the reasons I like traditional SAS/Graph output -- it's simple

Robert Allison 0
Is there bias in Facebook graphs?

Facebook has millions of users, and therefore when people share an interesting graph on Facebook it can "go viral" and millions of people might see it.  Some of the graphs are obviously a bit biased - especially ones that are trying to sway your opinion one way or another on a topic