Fraud & Security Intelligence | Risk Management
Alejandro González Tello 0
Perseguir el fraude: un paso más dentro del proceso de negocios exitosos

Dentro de toda compañía la búsqueda del éxito es una constante, sin embargo, para alcanzarlo el primer paso es minimizar y de ser posible desaparecer todos los factores de riesgo que puedan ponerlo en peligro, por ejemplo, el fraude. Diversos son los factores que pueden dar paso a la presencia

Data Management | Machine Learning
Charlie Chase 0
Machine learning changes the way we forecast in retail and CPG

Machine learning is taking a significant role in many big data initiatives today. Large retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are using machine learning combined with predictive analytics to help them enhance consumer engagement and create more accurate demand forecasts as they expand into new sales channels like the

Alison Bolen 0
3D printing: yes or no?

By now, you’ve probably seen a video of a 3D printer discharging layers of plastic to create a model of a building or a plastic figurine. You may have heard stories about 3D printed guns, 3D printed airplane parts and even 3D printed body parts. While 3D printers are becoming more common, they are

Alison Bolen 0
Augmented reality: yes or no?

“Our job at the lab is to find technology that’s new, cutting edge and cool – and to give it to someone else to be brilliant with.” – Matthew Horn, Manager, SAS Emerging Technologies UI Lab If you’ve heard of Google Glasses or Occulus Rift, you’ve heard of augmented reality.

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