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Why big data analytics now?

A current media hype phrase used to describe the ever-growing volume and size of corporate information is "big data." SAS hosts an annual series of business leadership conferences that bring together industry thought leaders, innovators, world leaders, challengers and inspirational speakers to discuss the dynamics needed for a competitive future.

Learn SAS
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SAS author's tip: views in PROC SQL

This week's SAS author's tip is perfect for SAS programmers using PROC SQL. Author Howard Schreier is a member of the SAS-L Hall of Fame, an independent consultant and trainer, and has been using SAS since 1981. His book PROC SQL by Example: Using SQL within SAS is also an

Students & Educators
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Let SAS Certification Come To You

When candidates take a SAS Global Certification exam, they usually travel to one of more than 4,500 Prometric test centers located around the globe - but that isn’t always the case.  There are a growing number of Universities that deliver SAS exams on-campus as part of their course offerings. Here’s how it works. 

Programming Tips
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Loops in SAS

Looping is essential to statistical programming. Whether you need to iterate over parameters in an algorithm or indices in an array, a loop is often one of the first programming constructs that a beginning programmer learns. Today is the first anniversary of this blog, which is named The DO Loop,

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Guest Blogger: Udo Sglavo on Cross-validation using SAS Forecast Server (Part 2 of 2)

In Part 1, Udo provided SAS code to replicate the example in Hyndman's blog.  Below, he shows the results of out-of-sample testing, and draws some conclusions on the computational efficiency of this approach. Out-of-sample Testing In addition to the example shared by Hyndman, out-of-sample data was used to illustrate the final performance

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Analytics-powered companies finish best

I jotted down the following fact from a session yesterday at the Disney Analytics & Optimization Summit: Organizations that invest in analytics perform better in the market. That's quite an assertion. Tweetable for sure. But it was a late-afternoon presentation and I was hungry for supper. So I forgot about

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