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There was a lot of talk last year about What not to wear at SAS Global Forum and although informative and fun we didn’t necessarily help with what IS in style. Since 2013 is the year of Statistics  we are going to focus our fashion series a little more on how to be SAS sexy in 2013.

Too much of a good thing is never enough - at least in my opinion. SAS Global Forum 2013 has the theme of strength in numbers so why not translate that to your accessories for the event. Now keep in mind I said too much of a GOOD thing! There are some accessories best left at home even if you only have one (cough, cough – fanny packs).

SAS users should never leave home without some flair. For those who have never seen  the movie Office Space (stop what you are doing and rent it),  flair is a term used to describe small round buttons which people adorn to their clothing to express themselves. Think of it as bumper stickers for people.

We had a little flair last year but since the theme touts strength in numbers we want more! What that means for you is it is time to SHARE YOUR FLAIR, or rather share your ideas for this year’s flair.

Some ideas to get you started:
Users groupie
My program is coded better than your program
PROC love
Byte me

You can post your ideas in the comments here or send them to ugsupport@sas.com. Remember if you want to collect this flair you need to attend SAS Global Forum 2013, so register today.



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Sara Jones, CMP

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Events Project Manager at SAS working with users groups such as NESUG, WUSS, and others.


    • Hi Michelle! Looking forward to seeing you again at the Alliances booth and catching up on all Metacoda has been up to!

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