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What're you wearing? I get that question all of the time …. OK, let me re-phrase that. In regards to events, I am often asked, “What are you going to wear?” It’s always hard to answer as the standard for events, including SAS Global Forum, is business casual.

What does that mean?

Well I looked up the definition on Wikipedia, and the one I found was:

"In general, business casual means dressing professionally, looking relaxed, yet neat and pulled together."

What the H^&* does that mean?

I’m no fashionista by any stretch of the imagination, so I reached out to colleagues for help. I figured since we can’t clearly define business casual, perhaps a list of what not to wear would be better.

The question I asked was “What should you NOT wear at SAS Global Forum?”

A: One colleague answered, “Grass skirts.”
My thought - When you see a crazy law, it’s usually based on an actual situation. This sounds like the same thing….Hmmm – sad.

A: Black socks with sandals.
My question to that is, “Are other colors of socks with sandals ok?” Just to clarify, the answer to that is NO. That means no socks with sandals.

A: Purple or Propeller hats.
I am guessing that there is a SAS user who accessorizes with hats. Personally, I think that’s great. I hope you won’t heed the advice as these are the characters I would find myself standing in line to see.

A: Suspenders.
While I understand the answer (suspenders are a little outdated), I would like to say that we don’t want any wardrobe malfunctions. Perhaps a visit to a tailor is in order or PLEASE KEEP THE SUSPENDERS!

A: Scrunchies.
This one was thrown at me as I have been known to sport one of these useful, yet completely outdated accessories. I have since thrown my collection away and am advising others to do the same.

A: SUGI t-shirts.
I understand the answer  - as a “newbie,” I want to shout at the top of my lungs that the conference is called SAS GLOBAL FORUM! I do, however, have to say VINTAGE BABY. So go ahead, proudly wear  those SUGI classics. But remember, SAS Global Forum t-shirts will be handed out at the event, so don’t bring too many of those antiques.

A: Cartoon boxer shorts.
Really? Did someone do this? Hopefully everyone knows that visible underpants is a no-no. Yes, I called them underpants.

A: Beach clothes.
It might have been able to fly for American Idol season 8, but in a business setting you should leave your beach clothes on the beach – not literally of course!

A: And finally, zebra-patterned rain coats.
I’m not going to call this fashionista out, but I’ve never seen it rain INSIDE a conference venue yet!

So what won’t YOU be wearing at SAS Global Forum? Or better yet, provide us a great definition of business casual!


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Sara Jones, CMP

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Events Project Manager at SAS working with users groups such as NESUG, WUSS, and others.


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  4. Let's talk about Pajama Jeans....i'm not naming names, and i know they're comfy, but any article of clothing with the word "pajama" in it shouldn't be intermixed with coworkers and peers! I'd say go for the Jeggings instead! 🙂

    • Waynette Tubbs
      Waynette Tubbs on

      Our pleasure! We will be adding promos like that for as many of our user events as possible. These promos provide much needed information for SAS user.

  5. I guess for men a sports coat with pants that aren't jeans. May be you could wear cords or khakis but no combats/cargo pants. A long sleeved shirt, um Florida, short sleeve would be ok. Further to the shirt something that I can say, "that makes me look like a 1950's engineer". All colours matching or good combos. Shirts need not be white or blue and jackets need not be black. No ties needed? Sorry, if I am not having fun with this and being literal.

    • Waynette Tubbs
      Waynette Tubbs on

      You're right, Peter. Sometimes we need a little brevity. Yours is a very good description of men's business casual. See you in Orlando!

    • Peter-

      If you spend as much time in the (often frigid) SAS Support and Demo Area as some of us do, you'll want that long-sleeve shirt and sports jacket, along with Katie's Spanx & pajama jeans, Tricia's lab coat, Waynette's zebra rain coat, and one of Ron's oversized hats. You might need suspenders to hold it all together. Think layers.

      • I think I have to call Joan Rivers and ask her to attend this event. Even if you are cold in the SAS support and Demo area you need to follow some rules. Layers are OK, just make them the right layers - in other words ignore Vince.
        Spanx are OK - they will help keep you warm, please just don't make them visible - I personally think that would make it into the catergory of visible underpants.

  6. Suspenders are a tricky one for this list. It depends on WHY you wear them. If you wear them to hold up your pants, then you shouldn't be wearing them. If you wear them as an accessory to your outfit, everyone will be jealous.

  7. Well - in case you don't know - we are no longer data geeks - we are now data scientist. I really think SGF should provide white lab coats instead of t-shirts. Lab coats are more professional and fashionable anyways - Rachel Zoe called me during NYC Fashion Week to explain all of this.

    Please have my name embroidered over the pocket. Oh, and give me Chris Hemedinger's pocket protector - he will totally misuse his as place to store extra M&Ms. 😉

    Just kidding ... I can't wait to get my SGF t-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I had to google scrunchies to figure that one out! I would definitely add tank tops for men and halters for women to the "do not wear" list. Fun post!

  9. Andrea Zimmerman on

    I'm guessing the reference to hats is so no one gets confused for Ron. It's kind of his thing and an easy way to point him out to newbies 🙂

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