Getting Started in the Year of Statistics

~ Contributed by Maura Stokes, Sr Director, R&D,  SAS ~

If you’ve been on the SAS campus lately, you would have noticed banners  on the streets announcing 2013 as the International Year of Statistics.  The major statistical societies designed this campaign to  increase the visability of statistics, educate the public about its importance, and encourage students to consider statistics as a career.  Statistics is one of those disciplines in which the demand for practitioners will be greater than the supply for years to come.  While the movie Moneyball and the FiveThirtyEight blog have served to illuminate the value of statistics in baseball and politics,  the spotlight needs to shine on the hundreds of other endeavors in which statistics also play a critical role.  Without statistics, our data-driven society would have no direction.     

As a company that lives and breathes statistical software and all of its analytical cousins, and thus includes hundreds of employees with statistical training,  SAS is proud to celebrate the International Year of Statistics along with the rest of the statistical world.

SAS has created a video for this campaign called  Improving Human Welfare in 2013 Year of Statistics that discusses how statistics affects our lives.  It’s the perfect response to friends and family who’d like to understand a bit more about what we  statisticians actually do. You can find the video on the SAS web page dedicated to the International Year of Statistics, it will feature articles, postings, and resources related to statistics all year long.

In addition, if you have a young friend or relative you’d love to consider statistics as a career, nudge them along with this link to the official International Year of Statistics web site,  which includes a wealth of information on statistics as a profession.

Of course, SAS and the Customer Support web site celebrates statistics everyday with its numerous resources for SAS statistical users. Some of the more recent additions include:

Wh;at resources do you need? Leave a comment with other ideas for resources that would support your use of SAS/STAT software.

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