ODS PDF destination in SAS 9.4: Come take a look under the hood!

If you have programmed with SAS in the last 15 years, you have probably had a reason to share your SAS results in PDF format. The ODS PDF destination, much like a well-designed car, has evolved over the years, offering progressively nicer features like security, enhanced image formatting and embedded fonts. I think you’re going to like what SAS 9.4 has to offer!

Let’s discuss three key SAS 9.4 improvements to this beloved, reliable and top rated ODS destination:

  • Pearl default style
  • ODS LAYOUT statement
  • ODSLIST and ODSTEXT procedures

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PharmaSUG 2015: Transformation is a key topic

PharmaSUG 2015 logo with sea turtle image and Orlando 2015Last night over 640 SAS users from 12 countries met in Orlando for a great opening session at PharmaSUG 2015. Elizabeth Dennis from EMB Statistical Solutions and Syamala Schoemperlen from Alcon, a Novartis Company are this year’s co-chairs. They lined up a wonderful venue as well as content for the conference. Read More »

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SAS Visual Analytics:  Localize your reports to support multiple languages!

Do you support a multilingual reporting audience? This is a fast-growing requirement for many of you,  and now your SAS Visual Analytics reports can be easily configured to support any number of languages.

From SAS Visual Analytics Designer, there is an option under the File menu called Localize Report. This brings up the Localize Report Text dialogue. This dialogue lists all of the available items and their values that can be translated into a different language. Keep in mind that you cannot translate the data surfaced in the report, but you are able to translate almost all text that appears in the report, such as object labels, tooltips and other descriptive text. Read More »

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PharmaSUG 2015—the lucky 22 gear up to attend

PharmaSUG 2015 logo with sea turtle image and Orlando 2015Actually, luck had little to do with it. The twenty two recipients of Student Scholarship and Junior Professional Awards are attending the Pharmaceutical Industry SAS Users Group (PharmaSUG) from May 17-20 because of their qualifications. This marks the fifth year that PharmaSUG has offered these special programs, which are funded by SAS and managed by PharmaSUG volunteers Richard Allen and Ellen Brookstein. I spoke recently with Ellen to learn more. Read More »

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Weather forecasting with SAS-generated Google maps

Photograph of Northern Cardinal in snow stormThe Earth is flat. At least as far as Google maps are concerned. Don’t just take my word for it though. Bring up a Google map onto your computer screen and make sure of this with your own eyes.

Now, when you got comfortable with that revolutionary concept, here’s another one: weather is weird. You’d know this firsthand if you live in the East of the United States, where the first week of March brought almost a foot of snow and record-low temperatures well below freezing (like 10-15 F°). This didn’t seem to concern the cardinal that made its way into my backyard igloo during the March blizzard in misguided hopes of Spring.

Combining weather and Google maps seems to be so natural since weather is a property of a particular location at a given time. Of course, weather changes in time, but if we can connect and stream weather data into a location on the map, wouldn’t that be cool?  Whether you want a broad, synoptic view of the weather forecast over a country or a continent, or you are just interested in the current weather conditions in a particular locale, I see possible business applications in any field that relies on weather forecast—agriculture, aviation, tourism, vacation and trips planning to name a few. This application would also provide access to the weather information around the globe. Read More »

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SAS administration and architecture—highlights from SAS Global Forum 2015

I was privileged with the opportunity to present a couple of papers at SAS Global Forum 2015 in Dallas, Texas this year.  While there, I was also excited to attend presentations with new and inventive approaches for working with the administration and architecture of SAS solutions. This is a collection of just a few of my favorites. Read More »

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Can tweets reveal the mood of the #Ebola outbreak?

Less than a year ago, the country’s attention was on Dallas after the first Ebola patient died. Not only is that where this project begins, but also where it was presented at SAS Global Forum in Dallas.

Sharat Dwibhasi and his classmates Dheerj Jami and Shivkanth Lanka from Oklahoma State University analyzed the sentiment of the Ebola outbreak using tweets. Read More »

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SAS Global Forum 2015 – a glimpse into upcoming SAS releases

Hadoop, in-memory analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, data visualization— topics that are dominating the analytics airwaves. SAS is innovating in all these areas, rapidly developing new products and functionality to meet the needs of today’s analytic environment.

During this year’s Technology Connection session, SAS Global Forum 2015 attendees got a glimpse into SAS R&D’s 18-month plan, which is driven in large part by initiatives like Hadoop and IoT that are changing the way you can manage and share data.  Here are just a few of the new and enhanced products slated for upcoming SAS releases. Read More »

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Converting variable types—use PUT() or INPUT()?

How many times have you had a need to convert between variable types such as converting character to numeric or numeric to character?  For example, what if you have a character variable with numeric values but you need to perform some calculations?  Or, if you have a numeric variable but you need to concatenate it to a character variable?  If you are like most SAS programmers, you need to use PUT() and INPUT() at least once to complete these tasks. Read More »

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New changes for SAS users group leaders

IMG_1696SAS Global Forum provides a perfect opportunity for SAS users group leaders from across the country to meet in-person to share best practices and new ideas.

This year’s SAS users group leaders link-up event was led by Melissa Perez – the new users group programs manager at SAS. She talked about her new team and how they are dedicated to coming up with better ways to provide resources and support to users group leaders. Read More »

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