Getting Started with Python Integration to SAS® Viya® - Index


CAS Actions and Action Sets - a brief intro - A quick introduction about the distributed CAS server in SAS® Viya®.

Index of articles on Getting Started with Python Integration to SAS Viya.

  1. Making a Connection - An introduction to SAS Viya and the massively parallel processing CAS engine, and how to make a connection to CAS using the Python SWAT package.
  2. Working with CAS Actions and CASResults Objects - Learn about CAS actions and action sets, how to execute actions in the distributed CAS server, and how to work with the client-side results.
  3. Loading a CAS Action Set - Learn how to explore the available CAS action sets in your environment, and load an action set if it's not loaded.
  4. Exploring Caslibs - Get an overview of how data is organized in the distributed CAS server and how to use CAS actions to explore the environment.
  5. Loading Server-Side Files into Memory - Learn how to load data into memory in the CAS server to begin processing your data in a massively parallel processing environment.
  6. Descriptive Statistics - Learn how to use the SWAT describe method and the summary CAS action to obtain descriptive statistics of your CAS table.
  7. Filtering CAS Tables - Learn how to filter CAS tables using a variety of methods like the traditional Pandas bracket notation, the SWAT query and isin method, and the CAS table where parameter.
  8. Creating Calculated Columns - Learn how to create calculated columns in a CAS table using a variety of methods like the traditional Pandas bracket notation, the swat eval method, and the CAS table computedVarsProgram parameter.
  9. Summarize Columns - Learn how to perform simple summarizations on a distributed CAS table using a variety of Pandas API methods through SWAT package like sum, mean, max and nlargest.
  10. Group and Aggregate CAS Tables - Learn how to group and aggregate distributed CAS tables using the familiar Pandas groupby method in the SWAT package, and the CAS table groupby parameter.
  11. Rename Columns - Learn how to rename CAS table columns using familiar Python techniques and the alterTable CAS action.
  12. Count of Unique Values - Learn how to get the count of unique values in a CAS table column
  13. Loading a Client-Side File into Memory - Learn how to load a client-side csv file into the distributed CAS server.
  14. CAS Table to DataFrame - Learn how to transfer a CAS table from the CAS server to your Python client as a DataFrame.
  15. Count Missing Values in a CAS Table - Learn how to identify missing values in a CAS table.
  16. Execute SQL (coming soon)
  17. Saving CAS tables (coming soon)
  18. Update rows in CAS tables (coming soon)
  19. Read multiple CSV files into a CAS table (coming soon)


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