CAS Action! - a series on fundamentals


I'm excited to bring a series of posts centered on CAS Actions. The topics in the list below will be covered in posts set to publish in the next few weeks. Please check back often for new releases.

      1. CAS Actions and Action Sets - a brief intro - Introduction to the CAS server and CAS actions
      2. CAS-Action! fetch CAS, fetch! - Part 1 - Use the fetch action to return rows rows from a CAS table. Use parameters to sort, subset and create a new column.
      3. CAS-Action! fetch CAS, fetch! - Part 2 - Visualize the results of the fetch action.
      4. CAS-Action! Show me the ColumnInfo! - View the column attributes of a CAS table. Take the results and create a CSV file.
      5. CAS-Action! Simply Distinct - Part 1 - View the number of unique and missing values in each column of a CAS table. Visualize the results.
      6. CAS-Action! Simply Distinct - Part 2 - Create a calculated column on the results table of the distinct action to find the percentage of distinct values for each column. Export the result table to a CSV file.
      7. CAS-Action! Executing SQL in SAS Viya - Execute SQL queries on the CAS server using an action.
      8. CAS-Action! Executing the SAS DATA Step in SAS Viya - Execute most of the traditional SAS DATA step in CAS using an action.
      9. How to use CASL to develop and work with user-defined CAS actions - Learn to create your own user defined action set.
      10. Partition your CAS tables to greatly improve performance - One way you can improve performance is by partitioning a table. A partitioned table enables the data to load faster when that data needs to be grouped by the common values of a variable.
      11. CAS-Action! Filtering Rows in CAS Tables - Learn to filter rows in CAS tables for use in CAS actions.
      12. CAS-Action! Create Columns in CAS Tables - Part 1- use the CAS procedure to create columns in CAS tables for use in CAS actions.
      13. CAS-Action! Create Columns in CAS Tables - Part 2 - use the computedVars sub-parameter to modify computed column formats, and the SAS LENGTH statement to modified the length of a computed column.

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