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Be proactive. Be a trailblazer with data.

For many industries, big data analytics have opened numerous doors for more employees to be groundbreaking and to challenge the corporate status quo. Prior to big data technologies, risk taking behaviors were primarily reserved for provocative souls who stretched organizational boundaries to disrupt industries, such as airline revenue management. There were winners and losers

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Patent trolls threaten all industries, not just tech

Patent trolls, aka Non-Practicing Entities (NPE), assert patents against companies in an attempt to collect license fees, but do not otherwise manufacture products or provide services themselves. They use the cost of the litigation as leverage to force settlements from the operating companies. For small companies, it could mean closing their doors.

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Innovating for the Numerator

The National Academy of Engineering identified fourteen "Grand Challenges for Engineering" that must be addressed in order to achieve a sustainable, economically robust, and politically stable future. (see the full list here) The challenges are a call-to-action for solutions to some of the most pressing issues in the 21st century:

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Strategy is innovation

When companies launch innovation initiatives, they typically focus all of their time and energy on a feverish quest for the big breakthrough idea. But that initial spark of inspiration is merely a starting point. The real innovation challenge lies beyond the idea, in a long, complex journey from imagination to

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